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Online First
Review ArticlePublished: May 17, 2017
Samrana S, Ali I, Azizullah A, Daud MK and Gan Y*
Research ArticlePublished: Jun 01, 2017
Almeida JPF*, Canavarro C, Alberto D, Rebello-Andrade C and Rodrigues AM
Review ArticlePublished: Aug 15, 2017
Bachev H*
Review ArticlePublished: Sep 19, 2017
Bachev H* and Ito F
Research ArticlePublished: Dec 26, 2017
Cooter EJ*, Dodder R, Bash J, Elobeid A, Ran L, Benson V and Yang D
Current Issue
EditorialPublished: Feb 08, 2017
Mariantonietta F
Research ArticlePublished: Feb 14, 2017
Sindhu R, Binod P, Mathew AK, Abraham A, Gnansounou E and Pandey A
Research ArticlePublished: Mar 17, 2017
Bhatt R
Research ArticlePublished: Apr 11, 2017
Bachev H*
Short CommunicationPublished: Apr 14, 2017
Joneidi M, Mohamadzade Namin S* and Mahdavi Ortakand M
EditorialPublished: Apr 19, 2017
Herath G*
Special Article - Crop ProductionPublished: Apr 20, 2017
Singh V, Kumar M* and Singh H*
Research ArticlePublished: May 03, 2017
Darai R*, Sarker A, Sah RP, Pokhrel K and Chaudhary R
Volume 1 Issue 3
Review ArticlePublished: Nov 29, 2016
Yu Sheng, John Denis Mullen and Shiji Zhao
Review ArticlePublished: Nov 30, 2016
Ghanian M, Ghoochani OM* and Dorani M
Research ArticlePublished: Dec 02, 2016
Hussain A, Rahman M and Nazir N
Research ArticlePublished: Dec 02, 2016
Sallam A and Yasser Moursi
Rapid CommunicationPublished: Dec 07, 2016
Di Vita G
Volume 1 Issue 2
Mini ReviewPublished: Nov 17, 2016
Sacchi G
Short CommunicationPublished: Nov 21, 2016
Buttafuoco G and Luca F
Research ArticlePublished: Nov 22, 2016
Mekdad AAA and Rady MM
Review ArticlePublished: Nov 23, 2016
Zhang Y, Zheng Y, Liu Z, Li QR and Jingyi Z
Volume 1 Issue 1
EditorialPublished: Sep 07, 2016
van Erp H
EditorialPublished: Sep 23, 2016
Huang M and Zou Y
EditorialPublished: Oct 25, 2016
Privitera D
Research ArticlePublished: Oct 25, 2016
Oliveira DMS, Mayrink GVC, Barreto MSC, Verburg EEJ, Almeida LFJ, Cruz RS and Silva IR
Research ArticlePublished: Nov 10, 2016
Buttafuoco G, Guagliardi I, Bastone L, Cipriani MG, Civitelli D, Gabriele AL and Ricca N

Scope of the Journal

  • Crop Phenotyping
  • Crop and Gwas
  • Crop Production
  • Crop Gene
  • Crop Evolution
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Agricultural Food Chemistry
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