A New Window to Men’s Health

Letter to the Editor

Austin Andrology. 2016; 1(1): 1002.

A New Window to Men’s Health

El-Zawahry A*

Department of Surgery, Southern Illinois University, USA

*Corresponding author: Ahmed El-Zawahry, Department of Surgery, Southern Illinois University, USA

Received: June 22, 2016; Accepted: June 24, 2016; Published: June 28, 2016

Letter to the Editor

It is very thrilling to start this new journal “Austin Andrology” and it is exciting and thrilling to be on the board members. I am excited to see this journal coming out to address important issues related to Men’s health. “Austin Andrology” will serve a need in a growing field of Men’s health. This is a fast growing area and of interest to many health care providers, patient and other individuals. There are many health conditions that may affect men in different aspects that were not brought to our attention for a long time. Bringing these issues into focus is of interest to help to bring more attention to the Men’s Health. The move towards more integrated health care will need to bring more diverse specialists together and provide a network between experts of different fields together to contribute in advancing health care to men.

Low testosterone is one of the major issues that face health care providers with a lot of controversy and debate. FDA has announced in March 2015a statement that require Testosterone manufacturing companies to add “Back Box Warning” for the potential adverse effects and claimed that increasing serum testosterone in age-related hypogonadism is not yet proved to be beneficial in these patients. We are in need to have more opportunities for research and scholarly articles to be able to approach this sensitive topic. This will incite more debate, more research and more advancement in the field. This journal will provide a window for these researchers to present their work and contribution to provide more clinical evidence in this issue.

Men with lower urinary tract symptoms are another interest for many providers. Overactive bladder symptoms, urinary incontinence and management have their share in men’s life and contribute to lower quality of life and disturbances. Having a window to bring this extensively to life may encourage researchers to contribute to this field and shed more lights in the pathogensis and pathophysicology of these problems. Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPE) has been accused for along time as a major cause of men urinary symptoms; however it is clear over time that there are other causes for voiding dysfunction in men. We are eager to see different research topics, debates and presentations in this field and we encourage our readers to present their studies and experiences in this area.

Erectile dysfunction, penile surgery and reconstruction are of interest to many providers. These are commonly associated with sexual dysfunction and could affect the quality of life of many men. Infertility and the new technology and surgical techniques involved in investigations and treatment will have a good chance to find a way to the readers and we encourage providers interested in this field to submit their work in the journal. Pelvic pain in men, orchalgia, prostatodynia are difficult problems we meet every day in the current practices.

There are many areas in Andrology and Men’s Health that I believe need to be covered and having a good journal that can address these issues and encourage providers to present their experience is a paramount to enriching the field.

I am excited about having this journal and thrilled to be one of the editorial boards. I take the chance to encourage my colleagues in different specialties to contribute by their ideas, research and topics to enrich the field and the community by their scientific productivity. I am taking this moment and chance to applaud the Austin Andrology to take this step to help promoting knowledge sharing between multiple specialties.

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Citation:El-Zawahry A. A New Window to Men’s Health. Austin Andrology. 2016; 1(1): 1002.

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