Online First (Volume 5 Issue 2)

Short Communication

Prolonged Cardiac Arrest and Vasopressin

Authors: Sridhar M*

Type: Short Communication   

Research Article

Occupational Exposure to Nitrous Oxide and Desflurane during Ear-Nose-Throat-Surgery

Authors: Byhahn C*, Wilke HJ, Strouhal U, Kessler P, Lischke V and Westphal K

Type: Research Article   

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Suspected Systemic Anaphylaxis to Fresh Frozen Plasma during a Cesarean Section in a Young Primigravida with HELLP Syndrome

Abstract Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, associated with high morbidity and mortality if not detected and treated rapidly. In the United States, 1-17% of the population is at risk for anaphylaxis, of which 0.02% is at risk for fatal reactions.

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