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Special Article - Acute and Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaPublished: Aug 09, 2017
Gottardi M*, Conconi MT, Gherlinzoni F and Di Liddo R
Special Article - Acute and Chronic Myeloid LeukemiaPublished: Aug 24, 2017
Alansari E, Almidani E, Saleh M and Khadawardi E*
Special Article - AnaemiaPublished: Oct 03, 2017
Ngolet LO*, Atipo Tsiba Galiba FO, Malanda F, Ockouango Guelongo Ova JD and Elira Dokekias A
Current Issue
Case ReportPublished: Mar 20, 2017
Mensah C and Osunkwo I
EditorialPublished: Mar 24, 2017
Ward AC*
Special Article - Studies on Blood VesselsPublished: Apr 04, 2017
Al-Nuzaily MAK*, Tash FM, Farid MT, Al-Habori MA, Boshnak H and Abdelaal H
Case ReportPublished: Apr 18, 2017
Singla V, Kunal D*, Kala M and Verma SK
Research ArticlePublished: Jun 01, 2017
Mabrouk ME*
Volume 3 Issue 1
EditorialPublished: Feb 11, 2016
Mozafari-Mosanen H and Mansouritorghabeh H
Special Article - Blood & Its ComponentsPublished: Mar 29, 2016
Ahmed AE, Alaskar AS, McClish DK, Ali YZ, Malhan H, Aldughither MH, Al-Suliman AM and Jazieh AR
Research ArticlePublished: May 11, 2016
Ababio GK, Acquaye J, Ekem I, Aleksenko L and Quaye IK
Case ReportPublished: July 05, 2016
Anjana G and Majeed K
Special Article - Iron Deficiency AnemiaPublished: Aug 16, 2016
Petukhov VI
EditorialPublished: Dec 05, 2016
Kazachkova N
Volume 2 Issue 3
Letter to the EditorPublished: Aug 14, 2015
Abou Taam M
Case ReportPublished: Oct 14, 2015
Daniele G, Lo Cunsolo C, Cimarosto L and Storlazzi CT
Special Article - Myeloid LeukemiaPublished: Oct 28, 2015
Mechaal Amal, Safra Ines, Ben Neji Hind, Rezgui Ichraf, Menif Samia, Fouzai Chaker, Meddeb Balkis and Abbes Salem
Special Article - LeukemiaPublished: Nov 26, 2015
Lamar E, Roggy A, Le Calvez G, Marion V, Buors C, Quintin-Roue I, Costa S, Morel F, Brenaut E, Tempescul A, Biichle S, Garnache-Ottou F and Ugo V
Research ArticlePublished: Dec 16, 2015
Sasidharan PK, Arathi N and Geetha P
Volume 2 Issue 2
Case ReportPublished: May 19, 2015
Das K, Patil V, Pai S, Bhat RR and Dixit A
Research ArticlePublished: May 25, 2015
Caviglia H, Landro ME, Galatro G, Candela M and Neme D
Research ArticlePublished: May 25, 2015
Ifeanyichukwu MO, Olu-Ero EO, Okeke CO, Airiagbonbu BO and Idomeh FA
Special Article - AnemiaPublished: May 25, 2015
Gamez S, Ali A and Raza A
EditorialPublished: Aug 12, 2015
Atalayer D
Volume 2 Issue 1
Research ArticlePublished: Jan 29, 2015
Horacio Alberto Caviglia, Neme Daniela, Candela Miguel, Cambiaggi Guillermo, Landro Maria Eulalia and Galatro Gustavo
Case ReportPublished: Feb 10, 2015
Paolo Costa, Michele Frigerio, Elisabetta Del Zotto, Alessia Giossi, Irene Volonghi, Loris Poli, Andrea Morotti, Valeria De Giuli, Roberto Gasparotti, Alessandro Padovani and Alessandro Pezzini
Review ArticlePublished: Feb 27, 2015
Poggi A and Zocchi MR
Review ArticlePublished: Mar 29, 2015
Guido D Angelo
Mini ReviewPublished: Apr 28, 2015
Hassan Mansouritorghabeh
Volume 1 Issue 4
Research ArticlePublished: November 12, 2014
Ghoneum M, Henary M and Seto Y
EditorialPublished: November 17, 2014
Maurizio Bifulco and Anna Maria Malfitano
Review ArticlePublished: Dec 31, 2014
LiLi Zhou, JianHou, Godfrey Chi-Fung Chan and Daniel Man-Yuen Sze
Letter to the EditorPublished: Dec 31, 2014
Sokolowska B
Volume 1 Issue 3
Mini ReviewPublished: October 27, 2014
Parisa Rasighaemi, Clifford Liongue and Alister C Ward
Research ArticlePublished: November 07, 2014
Rahul Chaurasia, Priti Elhence, Soniya Nityanand, Anupam Verma and Shamsuz Zaman
Review ArticlePublished: November 07, 2014
Giuseppina Divisato and Fernando Gianfrancesco
Case ReportPublished: November 07, 2014
Neil Watson, Vincenzo Cassibba, Marco Casini, Andrea Mega, Martina Tauber, Andrea Iori, Raimondo Di Bella and Andrea Piccin
Volume 1 Issue 2
EditorialPublished: Sep 20, 2014
Ana Cabrita
Mini ReviewPublished: Sep 22, 2014
Edwards TN and Louboutin JP
EditorialPublished: Oct 07, 2014
Alessandra Trojani, Antonino Greco, Alessandra Tedeschi, Milena Lodola, Barbara Di Camillo, Anna Maria Frustaci and Enrica Morra
Case ReportPublished: Oct 10, 2014
Andrea Piccin, Giovanni Tortorella, Marco Primerano, Michael Steurer and Gunther Gastl
Mini ReviewPublished: Oct 15, 2014
Gabriella Marfe and Carla Di Stefano
Volume 1 Issue 1
EditorialPublished: July 16, 2014
Farid Menaa
Letter to the EditorPublished: July 17, 2014
Vincenzo de Sanctis and Ashraf T Soliman
Case ReportPublished: Aug 14, 2014
Mansouritorghabeh H, Hossein Rahimi, Seyyede Tahere Mohaddess and Abolghasem Allahyari
Mini ReviewPublished: Sep 17, 2014
Kazachkova N
EditorialPublished: Sep 17, 2014
Benedetta Lucani, Giulia Papini, Monica Bocchia and Alessandro Gozzetti

Published Manuscripts

Scope of the Journal

  • Acquired Haemolytic Anaemia
  • Acute Basophilic Leukaemia
  • Acute Blood Loss Anaemia
  • Acute Eosinophilic Leukaemia
  • Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
  • Acute Monocytic Leukaemia
  • Acute Myeloblastic Leukaemia With Maturation
  • Acute Myeloid Dendritic Cell Leukaemia
  • Acute Myeloid Leukaemia
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