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Volume 4 Issue 2 - 2017
Clinical ImagePublished: Jul 25, 2017
Krzywicki P*, Wasek W and Horszczaruk G
Clinical ImagePublished: Jul 31, 2017
Pallazola VA*, Parodi G, Carrabba N, Montesi G and Di Mario C
Review ArticlePublished: Oct 16, 2017
Alves FR*, Pessoa GT, Rodrigues RPS, da Silva ABS, Moura LS, Alves JJRP, Macedo KV, Sousa FCA, Neves WC, Bezerra-Neto L and Vieira MLC
Research ArticlePublished: Dec 15, 2017
Yongfu Xie*, Jiang Zhu, Xiaolong Wei, Jian Zhou, Zhiqing Zhao and Zaiping Jing

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Scope of the Journal

  • Causes of CVD
  • Symptoms of CVD
  • Risk Factors of CVD
  • Treatment of CVD
  • Prognosis of CVD
  • Pathophysiology of CVD
  • Screening of CVD
  • Prevention & Management
  • Supplements & Medication
  • History and Age Factors
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