Dec 05, 2016

Journal of Blood Disorders

Aging and Thrombosis: The Role of Genetic Factors

Abstract:Deep-Vein Thrombosis (DVT) is a formation of a blood clot in the deep veins, commonly in the legs, it is a serious condition that can cause pain, swelling and tenderness in the leg, and have such...

Dec 05, 2016

Austin Journal of Dentistry

A Clinical Image of Enamel Hypoplasia-Turners Tooth

Abstract:A 11 year old female patient comes to the department of oral medicine and radiology with a chief complain of broken teeth in upper front teeth region since its eruption (Figure 1). Past medical...

Dec 05, 2016

Journal of Molecular Biology and Molecular Imaging

Molecular Imaging Demonstrates Metastatic Snowstorm in Cancer of Unknown Primary Site

Abstract:A previously well 45 year old female presented with intensifying knee and pelvic pain and bilaterally enlarged cervical lymph nodes. Core biopsy of a right cervical lymph node was consistent with...

Dec 05, 2016

Journal of Molecular Biology and Molecular Imaging

Imaging AD Pathology and What can be Concluded

Abstract:The correlation between Alzheimer's disease (AD) and the occurrence of extracellular amyloid-β (Aβ) plaques remains controversial, however, it is agreed that the plaques are not beneficial...

Dec 06, 2016

Austin Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

Lead Residues in Different Animal Tissues at Selected Areas of Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India

Abstract:The present study was aimed to know the concentrations of lead in different tissues of cattle and sheep found in different localities of Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, India. From cattle and sheep, a total of 120 samples and 80...

Dec 06, 2016

Austin Journal of Proteomics, Bioinformatics & Genomics

Measuring the Confidence Score Matching of the Pairwise DNA Sequencing using Neuro-Fuzzy

Abstract:The proposed approach in obtaining the matching score of the DNA sequence alignment is presented, the Neuro-Fuzzy technique is the method which are implemented in this paper, it's utilized the set of biological data of...

Dec 06, 2016

Austin Hepatology

Role of NF-?B Signaling Pathway and Oxidative Stress in Liver Inflammation

Abstract:Excessive inflammation is considered as a critical factor in many human diseases including liver diseases, cancer, obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Oxidative stress and free radical generation associated with...

Dec 06, 2016

Austin Journal of Neurological Disorders & Epilepsy

A Neurophysiological Hypothesis of How Adverse Life Events Convert into Abnormal Brain Oscillations: Focus on Unipolar Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Abstract:The mechanisms underlying depression (either in unipolar depressive disorder or bipolar disorder) are not entirely understood. The decrease in serotonin neurotransmission in one of the primary hypothesis regarding the...

Dec 06, 2016

Annals of Agricultural & Crop Sciences

Selection Index for Seedling Root Traits to Improve Frost Tolerance in Winter Faba Bean

Abstract:Frost stress causes a significant damage to winter faba bean yield. Root traits of faba bean seedlings play an important role in resistance to frost tolerance. The main objective was to study the genetic variation in root traits of faba bean...

Dec 06, 2016

Annals of Surgery and Perioperative Care

Enterocutaneous Fistula: Guidelines for an Evolving Problem

Abstract:Importance: The care and outcome of enterocutaneous fistula (ECF) have improved greatly over several decades due to revolutionary advances in nutrition, along with dramatic improvements in the treatment of sepsis in the...

Dec 06, 2016

Austin Journal of Otolaryngology

Fungal Sinusitis: Sudanese Experience

Abstract:Chronic Invasive Fungal Sinusitis (CIFS) is frequently seen in otolaryngology clinics in Sudan. Patients presented late with maxillary sinus swelling and unilateral proptosis Surgical removal used to be the sole management approach...

Dec 06, 2016

Advance Research in Textile Engineering

Options for Enhancing Functional Properties of Knitted Cotton Fabrics

Abstract:In this study, single jersey knitted cotton fabrics were treated with different finishing formulations to impart new and durable functional properties as well as to extend their potential applications. Anti-bacterial agent based on...

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