Online First (Volume 4 Issue 2)

Case Report

Development of Genital Ulcer due to Hydroxyurea Treatment in a Patient with Polycythemia Vera - A Case Report

Authors: Duarte L, Gonzalez LF*, Motta A, Rolon M and Rojas P

Type: Case Report   

Mini Review

Risk Factors of Keloids: A Mini Review

Authors: Shaheen AA*

Type: Mini Review   

Case Report

Rare Location of a Trichoblastic Carcinoma: A Case Report

Authors: Lahbali O*, Azami MA, Tbouda M, Bourhoum N, Znati K and Mahassini N

Type: Case Report   

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Spontaneous Regression of Atypical Primary Cutaneous Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma on Cheek upon Methotrexate Withdrawal

Abstract Primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (PCDLBCL) accounts for approximately 6% of all cutaneous lymphomas. PCDLBCL are usually seen in leg, however they can be seen in other location in 15% of cases

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