Jan 03, 2017

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Amelogenesis Imperfecta: Hypomaturation Type

Abstract:A 13 year old medically fit male patient reported with a chief complaint of decay in the upper and lower back teeth which was noticed first as a yellowish brown discoloration six years back....

Jan 03, 2017

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Acquired Double Lip

Abstract:A 20 year old female patient was reported with a chief complaint of poor esthetics due to enlarged upper lip since 1 year. The patient did not mention any other significant medical history. Past dental...

Jan 03, 2017

Austin Journal of Urology

Genito-Urinary Tuberculosis - A Great Mimicker and Its Atypical Manifestations: An Interesting Case Series

Abstract:Tuberculosis continues to be a major health problem in the developing world. Renal tuberculosis is the most common site of extra - pulmonary tuberculosis. It comprises 20% of all extra pulmonary tuberculosis. The accurate incidence and...

Jan 03, 2017

Austin Journal of Allergy

Chronic Costipation as a Symptom of Food Allergy

Abstract:Chronic constipation is a very common problem in children, but despite its high prevalence its cause remains unknown in most cases. Our previous work has shown a clear relationship between CM...

Jan 03, 2017

Journal of Psychiatry & Mental Disorders

Tobacco and Alcohol Use in Muslims Compared with Local Han Population in Mainland China

Abstract:Objectives: The tobacco and alcohol use is a serious public health problem in developing countries. The present study seeks to explore the prevalence of tobacco and alcohol use in a Chinese Muslim population compared with a local...

Jan 03, 2017

Annals of Nursing Research and Practice

Participant Explanations for Non-Completion of a Diabetes Self-Management Education Program

Abstract:The purpose of this study was to identify reasons for non-completion of an accredited diabetes self-management education program offered at a hospitalbased diabetes and nutrition center in a Southeastern state. A cross-sectional...

Jan 04, 2017

Journal of Family Medicine

Tinea Incognito: A Challenging Entity

Abstract:A 45-year-old man presented with pruritic skin lesions of atypical morphology located on his left foot referring flares of improvement after the use of topical corticosteroids with subsequent worsening after its discontinuation. A....

Jan 04, 2017

Foot & Ankle: Studies

The Comparison of Muscle Timing between Athletes with and without Chronic Ankle Instability during Lateral Jump Landing

Abstract:Most studies have investigated peroneal reaction time in relevant conditions of unexpected inversion perturbation occurring. The need to conduct more functional and dynamic testing that closely mimics athletic performances has....

Jan 04, 2017

Austin Environmental Sciences

First Report on Growth and Reproduction of Turcinoemacheilus Bahaii (Esmaeili, Sayyadzadeh, ÷zulug, Geiger and Freyhof, 2014), in Zayandeh Roud River, Iran

Abstract:To provide information on growth and reproductive features of recently identified Turcinoemacheilus bahaii from Zayandeh Roud River (Isfahan basin, Iran), sampling was performed at monthly interval throughout the year (from....

Jan 04, 2017

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Vascular Lesion: A Challenge to Diagnosis

Abstract:A 25 year old female patient presented to the department with chief complaint of swelling in the right cheek region since 15 years. On General and extra oral examination no abnormality was detected.....

Jan 04, 2017

Austin Journal of Dentistry

A Case of Intra-oral Hemangioma- The Blue Blemish of the Oral Cavity

Abstract:A 56 year old male patient came with a chief complaint of missing teeth and wanted replacement for the same. His past medical and dental history was non-contributory. Intra-oral examination revealed.....

Jan 04, 2017

Sarcoma Research - International

Apoptosis of Human Fibrosarcoma Cells HT-1080 Triggered by a Novel Nutrient Mixture via Induction of Caspases

Abstract:Fibrosarcoma is an aggressive and highly malignant cancer of connective tissue with the lung being the most common site of metastasis. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are the mainstay of treatments, yet the prognosis.....

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