Jun 07, 2017

Austin Psychiatry

Genetic Framing of the Opiate/Opioid Epidemic in Native Americans: Is Reward Deficiency the Culprit?

Abstract: With interest we read the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) newsletter concerning how the Native Americans have been hit hard by the opioid epidemic.....

Jun 07, 2017

Journal of Dental Applications

Dentist and Care Givers Perspectives of Oral Health Care in a Child with Autism: A Special Care Needs

Abstract: Autism is a developmental disability that predisposes the oral health concerns that are related to the behavior, learning and communication objectives. Therestricted and repetitive behavior leads to the fixed and monotonous dietary style which predisposes the dental caries. The....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Robotics & Automation

Design and Development of ARM7 Based Real-Time Industry Automation System using Sensors & GSM

Abstract: Automation is the current need of industries. There are number of technologies that are growing to achieve the good automation in the plant. One of the recently popular technologies is the automation using sensors and actuators.....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Biosensors & Bioelectronics

Microwave Reduced Graphene Oxide as Efficient NIR Photothermal Agent

Abstract: Current study reports the enhanced cancer cells photothermal ablation efficiency of Microwave Reduced Graphene Oxide (MRGO). Reduction of chemically exfoliated graphene oxide has been carried out using a microwave (700W for 5 minutes)......

Jun 07, 2017

Annals of Nursing Research and Practice

Paradigm Shift in Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Education Delivery: From Nurse to Peer

Abstract: Nurse educators expressed uneasiness and reluctance when rehabilitation hospital's strategic objectives focused on increasing person centered care by promoting chronic disease self-management approaches that included peer delivery of group education classes for persons with spinal cord injury.....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Cerebrovascular Disease & Stroke

Effect of Curcumin and Vitamin D3 on Learning and Cognition Inrat Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Abstract: Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder due to gradual memory loss and shrinkage of neuronal cells particularly in the hippocampus and basal forebrain regions.....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Clinical Neurology

Multiple Sclerosis Caused by Post-Partum Depression

Abstract: A 51-year-old white Brazilian female woman initially presented symptoms similar to migraine and chronic pain after the birth of her second child. After confusing diagnosis and continuous use of painkillers, the patient came for evaluation.....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Dermatology

The Role of Nutrition in Dermatology

Abstract: Nutrition plays a significant role in the overall health of humans. Skin health can be affected in a positive or negative way by the foods we consume.....

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Journal of Cancer and Clinical Research

Paclitaxel plus Gemcitabine as Second Line Chemotherapy for Patients with Metastatic or Locally Advanced Breast Cancer - A Phase II Study

Abstract: The combination of paclitaxel and gemcitabine (PG) has been proposed as a promising combination as second line chemotherapy in metastatic breast cancer (MBC). We assessed the efficacy and toxicity of PG in a split-dose schedule in a phase II study......

Jun 07, 2017

Austin Therapeutics

Review of Lavender Aromatherapy: Past, Present, and Future

Abstract: Lavender aromatherapy, once only considered a holistic or alternative treatment, has traditionally been used to combat anxiety and improve feelings of wellness.....

Jun 06, 2017

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - International

Comparison of Reliability between a Ten-metre and a One-minute Walking Test in Children and Adolescents with Cerebral Palsy at Mean Velocity

Abstract: Cerebral palsy (CP) is a non-progressive neurological syndrome, but with frequent adaptation to abnormal patterns of posture and movement. The gait of children with CP follows an abnormal pattern and their persistence results in many damages and even a loss of ambulatory capability over the years.....

Jun 06, 2017

Austin Diabetes Research

Whole-Body Lipid Oxidation during Exercise is Correlated to Insulin Sensitivity and Mitochondrial Function in Middle-Aged Obese Men

Abstract: Defects in insulin sensitivity are associated with metabolic inflexibility and obesity albeit some obese subjects have preserved insulin sensitivity. A decrease in lipid oxidation during exercise can be found in obesity and type 2 diabetes....

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