Nov 08, 2016

Annals of Yoga and Physical Therapy

Self-Management of Myofascial Trigger Point Release by using an Inflatable Ball among Elderly Patients with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Case Series

Abstract: Introduction: In this study, we devised a self-management technique involving Myofascial Trigger point (MTrP) release by using an inflatable ball to improve pain, pressure sensitivity, and joint flexibility in elderly individuals with chronic low back pain.....

Nov 09, 2016

Journal of Schizophrenia Research

Second Generation Antipsychotics: Pharmacodynamics, Therapeutic Effects Indications and Associated Metabolic Side Effects: Review of Articles

Abstract: The Second-Generation Antipsychotics (SGAs) are a group of antipsychotic agents that were introduced into clinical psychiatry during the early [1] 1990s. Named Serotonin-Dopamine Antagonists...

Nov 09, 2016

Journal of Schizophrenia Research

On The History of Dissociative Identity Disorder in Germany

Abstract: The history of hypnosis is closely linked to the theme of possession because the forerunner of hypnosis, Mesmers animal magnetism, has replaced exorcism in 1775 [1]. The idea of possession as one of...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Immunology

Effect of 1,25(OH)2D3 and 25(OH)D3 on FOXP3, IgE Receptors and Vitamin D Regulating Enzymes Expression in Lymphocyte Cell Lines

Abstract: Impact of 25(OH)D3 and 1,25(OH)2D3 was studied on transcription regulation of FOXP3, regulatory cytokines (TGF-β, & IL-10) and IgE receptors (CD23 and CD21) in human immortalized JURKAT and 8E5 cell lines. In...

Nov 09, 2016

Journal of Dentistry & Oral Disorders

Interdisciplinary Conservative Approach of A Geminated Tooth

Abstract: Gemination in the incisors is a rare anomaly in permanent teeth, causing malformed teeth, functional and psychosocial that leads the patient to be introverted and not to express his smile to others. It is therefore an imperative...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Surgical Oncology

Breast Cancer; Molecular Subtyping and Surgical Decision

Abstract: It is always observed that patients with breast cancer tumors with similar clinical and pathological presentations may have different behaviors. It is generally recognized that disease of the same stage...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Journal of Radiology

The Methods of Evidence-Based Medicine for Radiologic Researches

Abstract: Medical decision making is a term that applies to the actions physicians take many times each day. The correct application of evidence-based medicine helps physicians make much better clinical...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Food Sciences

Effect of Ammonium Sulphate Foliar Spray on Grain Yield and Yield Quality of Canola

Abstract: The experiment entitle "Effect of Ammonium Sulphate Foliar Spray on Grain Yield And Yield Quality of Canola" was conducted at the Palatoo Research farm Department of Agronomy, Amir Muhammad Khan Campus, Mardan duringrabi...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Chemical Engineering

Experimental Studies on Single Slope Solar Distillation Unit with Different Coatings on Basin

Abstract: Almost two-third of the earth's surface is covered with water. In that 97% of the earth's water is salty; only remaining 3% is fresh water. Less than 1% of fresh water is accessible for humans. The consumption of fresh water is increasing all...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Psychiatry

An Integrated Framework for Developing Health Services for Prenatal and Maternal Health as Major Global Health Concerns

Abstract: Prenatal, perinatal and early childhood health and well-being have longlasting effects for individual children, their families, care-providers, educators, policy makers and the society, making children's health and its disparities...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Neurology & Neurosciences

The Role of Infiltrating Monocytes/Macrophages in Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Abstract: Intra Cerebral Hemorrhage (ICH), a subtype of stroke, pose a serious threat to human life. Recent studies have shown that neuroinflammation is deeply related to the progression of ICH-induced brain injury. After the onset of ICH,...

Nov 09, 2016

Austin Neurology & Neurosciences

System Prion Heterogeneity as Molecular Basis for Shifts in Conformer/Template Self-Amplification and Auto-Catalysis in Prion Diseases

Abstract: The self-promotional traits of propagation, amplification and aggregation of para-prion proteins in the creation of protease-resistant isoforms that are unstable would include inherently contrasting molecular profiles of both...

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