Volume 2 Issue 1


Sustainable Seafood Processing: Utilisation of Fish Gelatin

Authors: Xiao Feng, Shaojuan Lai,Hongshun Yang

Type: Editorial   


The Genetic Tango: Genes in Your Food and Genes in You! Lets' Talk; the Year Is 2048

Authors: Charles C. Muscoplat, Carla Carlson

Type: Editorial   

Review Article

Functional Attributes of Amaranth

Authors: Priscila D. Santiago Mora, Klaus Tenbergen, Elier Vélez Jiménez, Maria Anaberta Cardador Martínez

Type: Review Article   

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Effect of Pretreatments on Physical and Thermal Properties of Bael (Aegle marmelos Correa) Fruit Pulp During Storage

Abstract The study was performed to evaluate the effect of pretreatment on various physical and thermal properties of Bael pulp. The fruit pulp of Bael fruit was extracted and TSS of the extracted pulp was raised to 25°Brix by adding 65°Brix sugar syrup.

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