Oct 17, 2016

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation -International

The Relationship of Participation Restriction with Quality of Life in Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Abstract: Objective: To investigate the relationships between participation restriction and quality of life in persons with traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) and to compare differences of the quality of life and participation restriction between two groups, with or without employment....

Oct 17, 2016

Journal of Family Medicine

A Near Miss: Cervical Spine Fracture in a Young Adult

Abstract: Ankylosing spondylitis changes the biomechanical properties of the axial spine due to chronic inflammation. The patient might underwent spine fracture and following neurologic sequelae even just low-energy damage. Here we...

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Journal of Nutrition & Metabolism

Vitamin D Deficiency during Pregnancy and its Relationship with Pre-Eclampsia, Eclampsia and Gestational Hypertension

Abstract: Methods: A case control study was conducted between Jan to Dec 2014 at Abbasi Shaheed hospital, Karachi. It included 104 pregnant women with singleton fetus at or after 24 weeks gestation, 52 women with Pre-eclampsia,...

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Revascularization of Permanent Premolars; Report of Three Cases with Clinical and Radiographic Outcomes

Abstract: Objective: Revascularization is a treatment in immature necrotic teeth which allows the continuation of root development. The aim of the present report was to introduce the successful regenerative endodontic treatment of three immature premolar teeth....

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Virology and Retro Virology

Prevalence of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS Subjects

Abstract: Pulmonary Tuberculosis (PTB) is a one of the most serious opportunistic infection in HIV/AIDS subjects and is major cause of mortality and morbidity across the globe especially in developing countries. To find out the prevalence....

Oct 17, 2016

Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology

Clostridium Botulinum Subtype Ba Neurotoxins and Antitoxins: An Immunological Enigma

Abstract: In 1976 a toxigenic strain of Clostridium botulinum was isolated from feces of a clinical case of Infant Botulism (IB). This strain, identified as type B 657, was extensively studied at the CDC due to...

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Cell Biology

Antidote Effect of Selenium against Endosulfan Induced Toxicity in Ovarian Cells of Mice

Abstract: In the recent times, indiscriminate use of pesticides has increased many folds. The farmers for the better yield of crops are utilizing the pesticides. Presently, these pesticides have caused health related problems in the...

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Hematology

Severe Factor V Deficiency and Thrombin Generation: Case Report in a Woman with a Complication of Uterine Curettage

Abstract: We report the case of a 29-year-old primiparous woman presented with mild metrorrhagia occurring a week after uterine curettage of pregnancy stopped at the 8th week of gestation. Initial laboratory tests found a prolongation of both...

Oct 17, 2016

Gerontology & Geriatrics: Research

Advances in Non-Pharmacological and Pharmacological Management of Osteoporosis

Abstract: Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder characterized by decrease in bone mass and micro- architectural alterations. It is a major public health concern because a bulk of bone mineral is lost even before the symptoms develop....

Oct 17, 2016

Austin Journal of Urology

How to Determine an Index of the Mechanical Energy of Sperm

Abstract: Natural motion law of the free-swimming sperm has been reported by current author in 2007 as follows....

Oct 14, 2016

Austin Journal of Clinical Cardiology

A Tumour Thrombus due to Hepatocellular Carcinoma Presenting as Right Atrial Mass

Abstract: Inferior Vena Cava Tumour Thrombus (IVC-TT) is a common complication of abdominal malignancies such as renal cell carcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma and adrenocortical carcinoma. Extension of IVC thrombus into Right Atrium...

Oct 14, 2016

Austin Food Sciences

Insights into Bacterial and Fungal Communities from Serofluid Dish: A Traditional Chinese Fermented Food

Abstract: Serofluid dish, is unique to the northwest region of China is a seasoning and beverage flavor of a soup, its sweet and sour, cool juice color such as nectar, fragrance attractive, especially when people...

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