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Online First
Case ReportPublished: Jan 31, 2018
Altomare M*, Armiraglio L, Casieri R, Gjoni E, Carsenzuola V and Scandroglio I
Special Article - Surgical ComplicationsPublished: Feb 08, 2018
Yeritsyan NB, Stolt M, Halloul Z, Udelnow A, Braun-Dullaeus RC and Herold J*
Current Issue
Research ArticlePublished: Jul 24, 2017
Baltasar A*, Bou R, Bengochea M, Serra C and Perez N
Special Article - Pediatric SurgeryPublished: Dec 08, 2017
Ashjaei B* and Monshizadeh A
Special Article - Subtalar DislocationPublished: Dec 11, 2017
Dinesh Dhar*
Special Article - Pediatric SurgeryPublished: Dec 22, 2017
Ashjaei B* and Noveiry BB
Volume 2 Issue 1
Case PresentationPublished: Apr 04, 2017
Adem Y*, Murat C and Kadri CM
Case PresentationPublished: Apr 28, 2017
Sathanantham DK, Amit Mittal, Sreeramulu PN, Srinivasan and Aishwarya MS*
Research ArticlePublished: May 29, 2017
Zhi-feng Xu, Liyun Xu and Chengfei Zhao*
Case PresentationPublished: Jul 03, 2017
Siaperas P, Skarpas A*, Chorti M, Theanou A, Karanikas I and Velimezis G
Case PresentationPublished: Jul 04, 2017
Cho SH and Sung Kim W*
Volume 1 Issue 2
Mini ReviewPublished: Apr 26, 2016
Zhou Y, Zhang QB, Zhong HZ, Liu Y, Jing HJ and Wu JX
Case ReportPublished: Apr 26, 2016
Aktas H, Isik O, Gunero S, Akan O and Emiroglu R
Research ArticlePublished: Sep 16, 2016
Susmallian S, Raziel A and Barnea R
Case ReportPublished: Sep 16, 2016
Vilanilam GK and Upadhyay S
Case ReportPublished: Sep 19, 2016
Ozturk A, Aktas Z, Yilmaz A, Erdogan E and Demirag F
Case ReportPublished: Sep 19, 2016
Cho S and Kim WS
Case ReportPublished: Nov 21, 2016
Caterina V, Lucio U, Riccardo B, Piero B, Alessandro L, Piero C, Gabriella L, Francesco F, Maura C, Piero B and Gianluca M
Volume 1 Issue 1
Case ReportPublished: Jan 20, 2016
Urkan M, Alakus U, Meral U and Yagci G
Case ReportPublished: Jan 20, 2016
Raymond B and English G
Case ReportPublished: Jan 20, 2016
Pillay Y
Case SeriesPublished: Feb 04, 2016
Li C, Kamine TH, Howell K and Odom SR
Mini ReviewPublished: Mar 11, 2016
Urkan M, MERAL UM, Alakus U and Guler EA

Scope of the Journal

  • Cardiac surgery
  • Cardiothoracic surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Endocrine Surgery
  • General Surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics and gynecologic Surgery
  • Surgical oncology
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