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Mini Review

The Evolving Role of Chemotherapy in Prostate Cancer

Authors: Boulos S and Mazhar D

Type: Mini Review   

Review Article

Pediatric Stone Disease

Authors: Doganca T and Onal B

Type: Review Article   

Case Report

An Interesting Case of Lifelong Urinary Incontinence

Authors: Nzenza TC, Rice G, Kinnear N and Hennessey D

Type: Case Report   

Review Article

How to Determine an Index of the Mechanical Energy of Sperm

Authors: Tetsuya Isobe

Type: Review Article   

Review Article

Penile Dynamic Duplex Ultrasonography

Authors: Oliveira P, Leitao T, Oliveira T, Martinho D and Lopes T

Type: Review Article   

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The Significance of Histological Chronic Prostatitis in Transrectal Prostate Biopsy

Abstract The histological finding of chronic prostatitis (CP) has been linked to higher levels of prostatic specific antigen (PSA), prostate cancer (PCa) and lower urinary

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