Neuroendocrine Bulbar Tumor Mimicking a Submucosal Tumor

Case Report

Austin Hepatol. 2019; 4(1): 1009.

Neuroendocrine Bulbar Tumor Mimicking a Submucosal Tumors

Sabbah M*, Trad D, Jouini R, Ouakaa A, Bellil N, Elloumi H, Bibani N and Gargouri D

Departement of Gastroenterology, Habib Thameur Hospital, Tunisia

*Corresponding author: Sabbah Meriam, Departement of Pathology, Habib Thameur Hospital, Rue Ali Ben Ayed, Montfleury, 1008, Tunis, Tunisia

Received: August 24, 2019; Accepted: October 01, 2019; Published: October 08, 2019

Case Report

A 61 years old men with no past medical facts, presented in the emergency for acute obstructive dysphagia. Upper endoscopy showed an impacted foreign body (chicken bone) impacted in the middle oesophagus which was removed successfully. Control endoscopy identified a bulbar ulcerated polylobed submucosal tumor measuring 2-3 centimeters. Echoendoscopic ultrasound found a heterogenous hypoechogenic tumor developing from the 3-4th couch (Figure 1-2). CT scan found rregular non-stenotic thickening of the bulbar wall with no other localizations (Figure 3). Biopsy of the tumor showed a mucosal proliferation of monomorophous cells, forming nests in vascular stroma with positivity of synaptophysin in immunostaining suggestive of neuroendocrine tumor (Figure 4). Patient underwent enucleation successfully (Figure 5).