Gut Issues in Autism: Applied Psychoneuroimmunology as the Permanent Solution


Austin J Autism & Relat Disabil. 2015;1(2): 1006.

Gut Issues in Autism: Applied Psychoneuroimmunology as the Permanent Solution

Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy*

Department of Autism, Sowjanya Centre for Holistic Healing, India

*Corresponding author: Rajalakshmi Kandaswamy, Unit of Energy Medicine, Sowjanya Centre for Holistic Healing, Chennai- 600119, India

Received: April 22, 2015; Accepted: May 12, 2015; Published: May 13, 2015


Most of the conventional mainstream medical approaches and unconventional /alternative medicine approaches in dealing with gut issues in autism offer temporary relief at best and worsening of symptoms at worst.

The root cause of ALL the symptoms relating to the gut in autism is energy disturbance brought on by “unprocessed and undigested” emotions.

This editorial seeks to present an overview of the general approaches used in dealing with the gut-related symptoms in autism, most of which perpetuate a cyclical pattern with no permanent “cure” and the one approach that offers the permanent solution.

The most common modality that most people with autism who suffer from the symptoms relating to the digestive system resort to is the conventional medicine approach which invariably involves the use of high-dose antibiotics and their accompanying side-effects. And this results in the person with autism suffering more from the sideeffects of the medicines rather than from the original symptoms of the condition in the first place.

Many then turn to alternative medicine approaches for relief and this usually involves processes for detoxification and cleansing of the gut, including forced enemas. These procedures may offer temporary relief and in most cases require repetition of the process of detox and cleansing, for the entire lifetime of the person.

What is important to remember here is that the gut microbiome is extensive and delicately balanced. And, our DNA is intertwined with the gut microbial DNA [1].

If the Ayurvedic BALANCE between the doshas is not understood and diagnosed correctly in the first place ,and, if the gut cleansing is carried out too often, this can backfire because the delicate balance between the gut microbiome and the “Doshas- Vata , Pitta and Kapha” can go totally, and sometimes permanently out of balance.

Which is why the “results” with these kinds of procedures, including forced enemas is usually temporary and invariably results in creating a vicious cycle of dependence.

What is of immediate importance with immense practical relevance is to FIRST correct the Underlying EMOTIONAL causes for the gut issues and the symptoms relating to the gut that manifest more or less on a daily basis in people with autism. The benefit of addressing the emotional basis first is literally life-transforming. Both, for the person with autism and their caregivers.

From the Energy Medicine [2] perspective, the actual cause for the accumulation of toxins in the gut is the “toxic thoughts” caused by unprocessed emotions that in turn results in weakening the Energetic Immunity in the person with autism [3]. This in turn results in the weakening of the immunity of the gut and the resultant increased susceptibility to the effects of the toxins in the environment, including toxins in the food. Unless this energy disturbance caused by the vicious cycle triggered by “Toxic Emotions”, thoughts and feelings is addressed FIRST, no amount of cycles of “detoxification” of the gut is likely to result in a permanent solution for the gut issues in Autism.

Secondly, more than 90% of the content of the cells in the body is water. Inadequate water intake compounds the toxins accumulation and water by itself is the best cleansing agent for the gut. And, ultimately, water, like everything else in the universe is energy. The famous experiments by the world-renowned researcher from Japan, Masaru Emoto has already demonstrated the power of encoding healing Intentions in water for maximum well-being [4,5].

Coming to the various detoxification processes that are used in autism as described in the beginning of this editorial, what is actually happening is this - it is the SHIFT in energies caused by the BELIEF that “detoxification” of the gut is likely to help which in turn causes the shift in the mindset of the person administering and/or opting for the procedure, which in turn causes the shift in the movement of the resistant and toxic thoughts/feelings/emotions that finally results in the procedure bringing about relief, albeit, temporarily. Ultimately, it is the Energy Shift that is the primary cause for the relief and it has less to do with the actual procedure by itself. This is Applied Psychoneuroimmunology in action. Energy shift is primary and the result -oriented action is secondary.

The three main scientific discoveries that are transforming the way issues relating to the gut in autism are being understood are -

Neurogastroenterology - The second brain in the gut .The same cells and chemicals that are present in the brain are present in the gut too [1].

Neuroscience - Neuroplasiticity of the brain. The brain can be re-wired. Psychoneuroimmunology - There is an interaction that is always happening between the mind, body and social systems and this interaction influences health and healing. Addressing the emotional component and the accompanying disturbances in the mind is vital for the digestive system to function well.

These three discoveries find practical application in healing the gut issues in autism through the avenues of Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine [3,6,7].

(To understand these terms in detail, it is recommended that one peruse my other published articles on these subjects available on my blog -

The way Applied Intentional Epigenetics and Applied Energy Medicine [8] work in healing the issues related to the gut/digestive system permanently is as follows-

1) Addressing the underlying EMOTIONAL basis of the gut related symptoms in the person with Autism .The symptoms are a manifestation of the energy disturbances caused by the “unprocessed” and “undigested emotions”.

2) Re-Aligning the Energies of the person to resonate with optimal health and well-being.

3) Re-Establishing and enhancing the Energetic Immunity in the person with Autism.

4) Restoring the delicate balance between the microbiome in the gut and the three “doshas- Vata, Pitta and Kapha” which ensures the healthy functioning of the digestive system in harmony with the cycles in nature.

3) Augmenting epigenetic shifts in the DNA of the person with Autism that bring about evolutionary progression that is unique to that individual that can be passed on to the next generation. This ensures that the next generation has the advantage of a robust Energetic Immunity that protects them from gut related issues that interfere with normal daily living [9].


It does not matter whether the symptoms relating to the gut in autism are due to “leaky-gut”, worms/parasites overload, “lactose intolerance”, “gluten-sensitivity” or any other condition. ALL of these cause energy disturbance in the person with autism. Addressing the underlying emotional triggers and restoring the Energetic Immunity in the person using Applied Psychoneuroimmunology, Applied Intentional Epigenetics with Applied Energy Medicine results in the complete and permanent relief of all the gut related symptoms in Autism.


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Citation: Kandaswamy R. Gut Issues in Autism: Applied Psychoneuroimmunology as the Permanent Solution. Austin J Autism & Relat Disabil. 2015;1(2): 1006.

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