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Analogue Front-end ICs for Low-cost Healthcare are Ready for Volume Production

Abstract: Addiction disorders have been largely documented as chronic and relapsing with irrepressible drug consumption behavior and compulsiveness [1].


Emerging Optical Techniques for Detection of Oral, Cervical and Anal Cancer in Low-Resource Settings

Abstract: Cancers of the oral and anogenital regions are a growing global health problem that disproportionately impact women and men living in developing countries.


Bactericidal and Therapeutic Effects of Pure Non-Pasteurized Honey on Mycobacterium avium Subspecies Paratuberculosis

Abstract: Honey is an ancient remedy for various medical complications like pressure ulcers, wounds, and burns [1]. Despite the awareness of the medicinal benefits of honey,


Identifying Gene Signatures Associated with Cancer Stem Cells and Drug Resistance from Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells after Gene Targeting Treatment

Abstract: Over 90% of breast cancer death is due to metastatic disease; however, the metastatic behavior of aggressive breast cancer is still not well understood. Accumulating evidence support

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A Biomimetic Reverse Thermal Gelfor 3-Dimensional Neural Tissue Engineering

Abstract Injuries to the nervous system, associated with permanent functional loss, often result in irregularly shaped lesions. With an aim to develop surgical implantation that fits to

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