Three Pieces of Rebar in a Young Awake Labour

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Three Pieces of Rebar in a Young Awake Labour

Bahar MM1 and Omidi-Kashani F2*

1Department of Surgery, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran

2Department of Orthopedic, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Iran

*Corresponding author: Omidi-Kashani F, Department of Orthopedic, Imam Reza Hospital, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran

Received: September 22, 2014; Accepted: October 16, 2014; Published: October 17, 2014

Citation: Bahar MM and Omidi-Kashani F. Three Pieces of Rebar in a Young Awake Labour. Austin J Clin Case Rep. 2014;1(11): 1054. ISSN : 2381-912X

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A 21 years old man was severely injured due to a fall from height on an unfinished building. Three pieces of rebar (each 1.5 meter length) distastefully penetrated into the chest, abdomen, pelvis, and knee from posterior surface of the body while he was completely awake from the beginning (Figure 1). He was urgently transferred to the operating room and angiography revealed major blood vessels were completely intact. The two rebars that have been penetrated into the chest and abdomen were easily removed anteriorly without injuring the important vital organs. The third rebar has been penetrated from the posterior surface of the pelvis into the perineum, thigh, and eventually into the right knee. This rebar has been crooked and drawing it out requires cutting the bar from inside the pelvis. Firefighting equipment was sterilized and the bar was cut into two pieces in the operating room (Figure 2). Proximal tibial fracture was then treated by immediate irrigation, debridement, and internal fixation. The patient was ambulated four days later and discharged on the sixth day. The patient was followed-up for more than two years without significant complains.

Figure 1

The injured patient with three pieces of rebar.

Figure 2

Third rebar was removed after being cut into two segments.

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