Case Report on Psychotherapy for Pathological Gambling

Case Report

Austin J Clin Case Rep. 2016; 3(4): 1101.

Case Report on Psychotherapy for Pathological Gambling

Góz G* and Sapiro M

Departnt of Medical Psychology, Clinical Hospital “Dr. Manuel Quintela”, Uruguay

*Corresponding author: Gracy Góz, Departnt of Medical Psychology, Prografor Prevention and Treatnt of Pathological Gambling, Clinical Hospital “Dr. Manuel Quintela”, Avenida Italia 2870, Montevideo, C.P: 11.600, Uruguay

Received: July 10, 2016; Accepted: September 13, 2016; Published: October 10, 2016


Conceived as a social or psychological addiction, pathological gambling, is worldwide a health workers concern. Its high prevalence and increang incidence, along with the growing offer of ga posbilities, portrays a not very easy future. In Uruguay, attending to these risk factors was established in 2009, under an agreent between Medicine School (UdelaR) and National Canos Managent, a free prografor the “Prevention and Treatnt of Pathological Gambling”, currently, coordinated by the Departnt of Medical Psychology. The progracarries out its asstance activities at the Univerty Hospital “Dr. Manuel Quintela”. The aiof the prograis that patients with gambling problems achieve continuous abstinence during two years. To achieve this goal, patients should have reached an adequate level of self-control against the harmful behavior exhibited when entered to the progra. It involves the patient solving so issues that go beyond the gambling proble, and linked with history of life. It is based on a psychotherapeutic group approach, on weekly frequency, and with co-therapy, two psychotherapists (Psychologists). Intervention strategies are part of an integrative approach in psychotherapy. It also pursues a didactic purpose. It provides the patients with tools through which they could restructure their lives, in order to find new anings for their lives. The working group is complented by psychiatrist consultation, selfexcluon request (resource that restricts soone to going into a gambling roo) and bi-monthly etings with family or referents.

Keywords: Pathological gambling; Social addiction; Psychotherapy; Cotherapy; Integrative approach

Case Presentation

Susana Martinez is a 71-year-old woman. Divorced, she has two sons aged 48 and 44 and two grandsons aged 16 and 6. She lives alone and she works as an administrative clerk at a Health Center Laboratory. She is a high school graduate. The patient requested the “Prevention and Treatnt of Pathological Gambling” progra(Dr. Manuel Quintela Univerty Hospital, Montevideo, Uruguay), through a 0800 phone number, being registered on the waiting list as a candidate to participate in a group therapy device. In the anwhile a psychiatrist of the prograheld occaonal etings with her.

Psychiatrist First Interview (February 4th, 2013)

The patient exhibits such symptoms as anxiety and depreson.

Biodical History

See Table 1.

Citation: Góz G and Sapiro M. Case Report on Psychotherapy for Pathological Gambling. Austin J Clin Case Rep. 2016; 3(4): 1101. ISSN:2381-912X