Volume 1 Issue 2


Collagen-Binding Integrins in the Pathogenesis of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Authors: Mohammed-Amine El-Azreqand and Fawzi Aoudjit

Type : Editorial   

Research Article

Vaccination with the Prostate Cancer Over-Expressed Tumor Self-Protein TPD52 Elicits Protective Tumor Immunity and a Potentially Unique Subset of CD8+ T Cells

Authors: Jennifer D Bright, Joel F Aldrich, Jennifer A Byrne and Robert K. Bright

Type : Research Article   


IL-1 in Th17 Differentiation and Inflammatory Tissue Damage

Authors: Wei-ping Zeng

Type : Editorial   


Biologics for Immune-Mediated Diseases and Flavonoids for Allergic Diseases

Authors: Toshio Tanaka

Type : Editorial   

Published Manuscripts

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Featured Article

Oligoclonal IgGs against DNA, Histones, and Myelin Basic Protein in the Cerebrospinal Fluid of Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Abstract Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is known as a chronic demyelinating pathology of the central nervous system.

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