Medical Collaboration in National Trust Healthy will More Affect on Critical Care

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Austin Crit Care J. 2014;1(1): 2.

Medical Collaboration in National Trust Healthy will More Affect on Critical Care

Yan Wang*

Department of Pediatrics, Shanghai HongCi Children's Hospital, China

*Corresponding author: Yan Wang, Department of Pediatrics, Shanghai HongCi Children's Hospital, China

Received: August 09, 2014; Accepted: August 11, 2014; Published: August 13,, 2014


For the development of public health system, Medical collaboration based on the National Trust Healthy (NTH) should be more powerful to solve public higher-attention healthy questions, the questions usually extend Broadly into diseases treatment, medical insurance or female healthy and children grow-up in good situation.

Currently the world has kept going to more bigger mixed family as in a one country , the population has moved from suburb to city, from lower economical to higher economical location, or as well as from advancing to advanced nation. During the expanded moving, there are also brought more Medical Healthy problems, the most tops of them may perhaps present as Bacterium/Virus Epidemics, diseases types complexion or varied pollutions in air or water. Under this situation, Medical collaboration bases on NTH would represent more valuable on defending Human Being from fighting various bad reasons.

Recently I worked on a medical program which was on the Tier 5 Government Exchange in London; the advanced medical collaboration between nations' organizations is major between University of Pennsylvania in America and Imperial College London in United Kingdom; the study field is among public healthcare or Critical Care within patient therapy, biological observation and disease prevention; in the group of us, the Professional persons come from United States of America, United Kingdom and some Eastern Countries. As mentioned ahead here, for NTH, different organizations, Medicine societies and professional colleagues would combine together as a strengthened intact, in the middle; the intact could absorb the stronger influence from National Governments. Additionally, for the Medical Collaboration of NTH, the important part is also included national and international Congresses to rich necessity information and communication. In summarized, all of the effort on Medical Collaboration in National Trust Healthy has been at the original step, and then it will make the Medical Collaboration advancement in the future.

In the History of Medicine development, as for Human DNA screening and DNA deficiency diseases study, it was also based on several medicine groups' collaboration, and next step this Medicine collaboration pushed the development on multiple sides of Medicine among different areas or nations, the effect of it is specially presented for increasing the life quality of Human Being [1,2]; and in recent decade years, there are over hundreds of DNA therapy methods already used in clinical treatment, well, about 50 percentage methods of DNA therapy in this treatment has came from the United States of America. The study about Human gene screening has made broadly contribution to help Human known self well and pushed gene diagnosis and gene therapy to build up the sources on related product generation and market. As for the most popular diseases in Human life, respiratory diseases as Pneumonia, Asthma or Acute Lung Injury have been at the top one in the world by its incidence; the major reasons for this are included coming from air population, smoking, industry expand or live situation change. In the mission of making a world where all people can breathe freely and defending Human from respiratory diseases invasion with raising public awareness on Healthcare, there the society of Medicine Collaboration is named Global Alliance for Respiratory Diseases for the mission; the Global Alliance has formed a world-wide Medicine Collaboration to take much attention on respiratory diseases diagnosis and therapy, also especial including delivering drug to lower economical areas. Under the planning to control and manage respiratory diseases as companied with cardiovascular diseases and others, meantime, to reduce the pressure on preventing morbidity and disability of them; the Medicine Collaboration of Global Alliance built up a collaboration and cooperation at national, regional and global levels [3]; the success of the Global Alliance provide meaningful experience on Medicine Collaboration of NTH.

Generally, once Human society meet emergency situation to save life and property, it is also the time to check the power of Critical Care on medical collaboration of NTH. Critical Care is a branch of Medicine to consider of diagnosis and management during lifethreatening conditions, which need emergency therapy and life support. Compared to other branches of Medicine, Critical Care is the most expensive branch of Medicine according to its requirement of techniques, devices and advanced multiple branches of Medicine cooperation; the physicians, therapist and workers in Emergency Room or ICU should be qualified by special study and training [4,5]. Since Critical Care Medicine is at high cut-edge advancement, also on the condition that imbalance development exists in widely different areas of the world, the hope for Medicine Collaboration of NTH will become more necessary on supporting Human life, especially while we are facing to serials complicated situation.

Recently I have kept thinking that Medicine Collaboration based on National Trust Healthy might be better way to enhance the strength of Human Being to solve bigger Medical problem, and also the problem really interrupt the life of us; so that it would be my pleasure to present the article about National supported Medicine Collaboration between countries and areas here.


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Citation: Wang Y. Medical Collaboration in National Trust Healthy will More Affect on Critical Care. Austin Crit Care J. 2014;1(1): 2. ISSN 2379-8017

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