International Radiographers in Danger: A Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

J Dis Markers. 2021; 6(1): 1041.

International Radiographers in Danger: A Letter to the Editor

Aahmari A*

Department of Radiographer, Radiology, Al-Namas General Hospital, Ministry of Health, Al-Namas City, Saudi Arabia

*Corresponding author: Abdulwahab Aahmari, Department of Radiographer, Radiology, Al-Namas General Hospital, Ministry of Health, Al-Namas City, Saudi Arabia

Received: May 04, 2021; Accepted: May 28, 2021; Published: June 04, 2021

Dear Editor,

I have published a case study about how British universities −who offer radiographic reporting programs for radiographers− put admission conditions and tuitions on radiographers in three categories which are; British citizens, European citizens, and internationals [1]. I compared the three categories by collecting the data from the universities’ websites directly. The case study has a simple methodology which is clearly explained in the paper [1]. The case study showed that there is no English language requirements for Europeans due to the Bologna Agreement in June 19, 1999 and the Copenhagen Declaration in November 2002. The English language is not the mother tongue of any European country besides the UK.

The tuitions for international students are very high compared to the UK/European citizens where they (UK/European) have the same low tuition. In addition, the international students can’t join approved programs from the HCPC, while UK/European citizens can join HCPC approved programs. The interpretation modules are not allowed for international students and they are allowed for UK/ European students. Training, ability to have the HCPC registration, and the ability to work all are allowed for UK/European citizens, while international students are not allowed to do so.

After I published this case study which shows the facts in solid data that there is segregation on all levels and discrimination against international Radiographers, the Society and College of Radiographers and the Head of Radiography Education sent two letters threatening the journals Editors and I [2,3]. They said they are so perfect and they do not have any discrimination whatsoever [2,3]. They demanded to remove the paper from the online source and publish an apology [2,3]. They threaten and bullied me and the journal editors that they will legally be suing us for defamation.

Therefore, I publish this letter challenging them to sue me. What I have published is accurate 100% and I did not make the numbers from my head. I collected the data from the universities’ websites directly.

All that they claimed in their letters are wrong and emotionally driven. They did not stop here, no they continued by sending their trolls to report my researchgate account to suspend my account for more than one month. Is well known that the HCPC and the British media when someone is not British get suspended or not allowed to do any medical practice in the UK for any issue, the British media and HCPC publish their names, age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, and what mistake they did, but when the person is a white British citizen, the HCPC and the media tend to hide their identity and usually they get suspended for a short period of time. The HCPC, Society of Radiographers, and Heads of Radiography Education are discriminating on all levels against us as international radiographers and this is supported by numbers and solid data.

They claim that they are so perfect and do not have any issue. This level of denial indicates that there is a massive issue and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Society of Radiographers did not help the UK or international Radiographers in any way, shape, or form. Instead of denying their discriminatory behaviors against us, they should help the international Radiographers to rebuild their health care sector which collapsed after the pandemic (i.e. SARS II CoV a.k.a Covid-19). They have already a large shortage of Radiographers in the UK and with these behaviors, they will never solve the problems which the British citizens face every day in UK hospitals.

No one should forget the number of international health care workers who sacrificed their lives during the pandemic to help the patients in the UK.


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Citation:Aahmari A. International Radiographers in Danger: A Letter to the Editor. J Dis Markers. 2021; 6(1): 1041.

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