The Destruction of America, the Mission of the American Progressive Left Wing? Effect on Nation and Health Security, a Personal Opinion of a Combat Veteran Migrant

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Austin Emerg Med. 2017; 3(2): 1055.

The Destruction of America, the Mission of the American Progressive Left Wing? Effect on Nation and Health Security, a Personal Opinion of a Combat Veteran Migrant

Alakpa GEU*

American Military Families Immigration Services, Inc., Military Adviser, Clinton Av., Irvington, NJ, USA

*Corresponding author: George Edafese U. Alakpa, 53 Falcon Ridge Way North, Hamburg, NJ 07419, USA

Received: August 22, 2017; Accepted: September 13, 2017; Published: September 20, 2017


Many Great Empires have arisen and disintegrated, usually not from external military conquest but from forces operating from within. Empires like the Roman Empire, or even the once great and powerful Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) and even the great British Empire. Today the Unites States is undergoing a lot of conflicting ideological positions, but instead of allowing old fashionable civil debate of ideas without destruction of people that are involved, statues and building or properties are being destroys in the name of opposition, especially from those that says they oppose fascism and lack of tolerance: the left. This is the opinion of a registered non-affiliated immigrant citizen.

Keywords: Destruction; America; Left-wing; Bills of right; Veteran


America is heading towards a serious totalitarian fascist dictatorship led by the left that think they alone own the superior quality of knowledge than others. All people with opposite thoughts that refuses to accept their monolithic beliefs must be labelled and destroyed like the Google, Facebook etc that are now involved in censorship of speeches on their sites, or and like the last regime (Obama’s) did, using government agencies like Department Homeland Security (DHS), Internal Revenue Services (IRS), National Security Agency (NSA) etc to collect information about citizen especially those in opposition to force them or crush them! The 1st and 4th amendments meant to ensure real freedom of thoughts and from self-incrimination, have remain under constant attack, however, the leftist elitists while seeking to have such privileges daily seek to prevent others. For someone that suffered under ruling military dictatorship in his country of birth, Nigeria this writer knows how it feels not to have such freedom and security, reason why he enlisted in the U.S. military as E1 despite his level of educations on emigrating after he won the Green card lottery after his initial visit to the country as a PhD student. As things are now, just like the former Roman Empire that fell from within, the likelihood of the United States going same way is likely, if no change is effected, and would be worse than Venezuela or Mao Zedong Chinese and God help all the gullible ones pushing to silence opposite thoughts or beliefs. Since the resistance movements paid by certain forces in the left and establishment republicans are working very hard to see it come to past for selfish ends.

Bill of Rights and Freedom

The Bill of Rights ratified on December 15, 1791, was instituted by the founding fathers or members of this republic (as it was supposed to be), a unique document that set this republic apart from other countries to ensure that citizens have the freedom to exercise the ability to speak, worship, associate and ensure security without fear. Is this not what every human being desire for? The 1st amendment does not only protect citizens from only speeches people love, but also from speeches people hate or do not love. The founding fathers coming from living under a repressive, totalitarian fascist rulership of the British king, appreciate the situation where one cannot speak or associate without fear of reprisal from the King or even imprisonment or worst death.

The Rights of the citizens, especially the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments, are the earliest rights of humanity to be trampled upon by tyrants, totalitarian and dictatorship. Growing in Nigeria, it was common practice that when the Military takeover of government via a coup, and it’s seldom bloodless, citizens’ rights to speak freely, associate and not to be spied on by the government agents are usually the first to be suspended. Historical reports also support this, as this writer once read while studying civil studies and social studies then in elementary school in Nigeria, about the various world or countries’ ideologies-communism or capitalism.

Attacking the Bills of Rights

Sadly, since migrating into the United States, this writer has seen these basic rights of humanity slowly but surely being eroded especially by people supposedly elected to preserve the Bill of Rights and Constitution, many of these politicians while openly professing their support for the Bill of Rights, insidiously push for the stripping of the Rights from the citizens just to please political ambitions or succumb to political correctness pressures! This has lately got to the point where integrity has been thrown into the wind more recently, since the left took over the media and government especially during the last administration between 2009-2016, they openly push for division of the people base on class, race and social status. The 44th president, Barrack Hassen Obama, openly campaigned in 2008 to “fundamentally” transform the country [1] in Columbia, Missouri, an agenda he rigorously and religiously pushes and advocated while in government and even when his party lost in 2016, he still asked his supporters to continue. Even, Hilary Clinton, the defeated presidential candidate of the 2016 election, also openly called for and be part of the “resistance” against the current president Trump [2], all because she and party lost an election and could not bring themselves to accept they lost to a person who is not a politician, so were the establishment republicans, who unlike the democratic party members only (save for few like Senator McCain), “stab” and frustrate every action of the current government secretly not openly.

Citation: Alakpa GEU. The Destruction of America, the Mission of the American Progressive Left Wing? Effect on Nation and Health Security, a Personal Opinion of a Combat Veteran Migrant. Austin Emerg Med. 2017; 3(2): 1055. ISSN : 2473-0653