Volume 4 Issue 1

Research Article

VSC (Video Spectral Comparator)-6000 HS A Non-Destructive Technique for Identification of Blood

Authors: Chourasiya S, Shaikh T and Dedhia H

Type: Research Article   

Special Article - Forensic and Legal Medicine

Taphonomic Study of Adult Susscrofa domestica in Equatorial Climate in Sarawak, Malaysia

Authors: Ing TK, Ismail NA and Soon LP

Type: Special Article - Forensic and Legal Medicine   

Special Article - Forensic and Legal Medicine

Stature Estimation Using Postmortem Computed Tomography Scan Images of Long Limbs

Authors: Soon LP, Hasmi AH, See KL, Mohamad Noor MH and Feng SS

Type: Special Article - Forensic and Legal Medicine   

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