Volume 4 Issue 3

Case Report

A Case Study on Sexually Harass Women in a Crime Spot

Authors: Basu N and Bandyopadhyay SK*

Type: Case Report   

Case Report

A Fatal Case of Body Packing: The Usefulness of the Postmortem CT before the Autopsy

Authors: Visonà SD*, Sozzi M, Re L, Castelli F, Andrello L, Valeggia PR and Osculati A

Type: Case Report   

Research Article

DNA Profiling of a Rape Case at the State Forensic Science Laboratory Ranchi Jharkhand India

Authors: Sumanta, Vrijesh Kumar Yadav*, Nisha Bara, Hridayesh Kumar Sinha and Singh RS

Type: Research Article   

Case Report

Unusual Death in Garbage Recycling Site: A Study of Seven Cases

Authors: Gholamzadeh S, Bahrani M, Zarenezhad M*, Malekpour A, Mortazavi M and Kazemi B

Type: Case Report   

Published Manuscripts

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