Jan 11, 2018

Austin Journal of Cerebrovascular Disease & Stroke

Factors Influencing Acute Stroke Thrombolytic Treatments in Hispanics in the San Diego Region

Abstract: Background: Since the introduction of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rt-PA) for acute ischemic stroke, rt-PA rate and number of stroke centers have increased. Despite this, studies have shown racial and ethnic...

Jan 10, 2018

Austin Journal of Surgery

TGF-ß Pathway Activity in Pancreatic Versus Biliary Tract Cancers

Abstract: Background and Aims: It has been observed that pancreato-biliary cancers go along with a prominent desmoplastic reaction, which seems to play a crucial role in migration and metastasis. Transforming Growth Factor...

Jan 10, 2018

Austin Journal of Surgery

An Unusual Case of Epidermoid Cyst of the Kidney: Case Report and Review of Literature

Abstract: We report a rare case of epidermoid cyst of the left kidney in a 36-year-old female who presented with complaints of intermittent dull pain in the left loin for 6 months. Imaging revealed a complex cyst of the kidney. The cyst bearing...

Jan 10, 2018

Austin Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

Perceptions, Practices and Challenges in Schools for Autistic Children: A Qualitative Exploration of Teachers and School Authorities' Views in Bangladesh

Abstract: Introduction: Globally around 1% people are suffering from autism disorder. Autism becomes a health crisis around the world. In Bangladesh, autism has already been identified as burden of diseases and it has been assumed that the...

Jan 09, 2018

Gastrointestinal Cancer: Research & Therapy

Colorectal Cancer; the Trend towards Earlier Age of Presentation

Abstract: Background: Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second leading cause of cancer related death in the UK. 55-64 year olds in England are eligible for 'bowel scope' screening within the NHS since 2016. Literature has indicated a rising incidence of CRC below the age of 40 years...

Jan 09, 2018

Austin Journal of Anesthesia and Analgesia

Buprenorphine for Pain Management in Osteoarthritis Patients Scheduled for Arthroplasty - A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial

Abstract: Background: Preoperative pain is a risk factor for persistent postoperative pain. Low-dose buprenorphine is assumed to have an anti hyperalgesic efficiency and thus, started preoperatively may decrease postoperative pain...

Jan 09, 2018

Austin ENT: Open Access

Secrets in Cricotracheal Resection for Benign Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Abstract: Background: Benign Laryngotracheal stenosis is a challenging airway disease. Laser and reconstructive surgeries are less successful in severe stenosis...

Jan 09, 2018

Austin Journal of Dentistry

One Year Water Storage Flexural Properties of Vertex Thermosens vs Conventional Denture Base Materials

Abstract: Purpose: The aim of this study was to measure the flexural properties of the recently introduced Vertex ThermoSens denture base material after storage in water for one year and compared with those of conventional heat-cured denture base material...

Jan 09, 2018

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Addressing Oral Health in Children with Cancer

Abstract: Dental decay (caries) is the most common disease in mankind. The good news is we know how to prevent it. The bad news is that it can be a challenge to do so especially in children who are genetically...

Jan 09, 2018

Austin Journal of Orthopedics & Rheumatology

Effectiveness and Safety of a Combination of Intra-Articular Corticosteroid and Local Anesthetic in Indian Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: A Pilot Study

Abstract: Background: Osteoarthritis is a chronic degenerative disorder of multifactorial etiology characterized by the loss of articular cartilage, resulting in joint pain, stiffness, swelling, and disability without any clear answer to its...

Jan 04, 2018

Austin Journal of Radiology

Cerebral Metastasis Revealing a Choriocarcinoma: Case Report

Abstract: Choriocarcinomas- revealed by brain metastasis are quite rare; we report the case of a patient with a history of abortion; she is admitted for a disorder of consciousness. CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging of the brain denoted...

Jan 02, 2018

Austin Journal of Drug Abuse and Addiction

Social Pathology of Drug Abuse, Addiction and the Possible Problems Generated

Abstract: The article explores how increasing urbanization, and emergence of large cities has contributed to increasing drug abuse and addiction more within male youth, and to a lesser extent within the female youth. The whole scenario creates...