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Evolution of the Incidence, Treatment, and Mortality of Cervical Cancer in Patients Treated at Miguel Servet University Hospital of Zaragoza

Abstract: Cervical cancer is the second most frequent gynecological tumor worldwide. The main reason for this frequency is not practicing adequate cytological screening...


Management of 5-fluorouracil Overdose with Uridine Triacetate in a Patient Unable to Tolerate Oral Administration of Antidote

Abstract: A 55-year-old woman with a history of adenocarcinoma of the colon presented to the Emergency Department after her home infusion pump delivered...


Thermoluminescent Detectors to Measure LET in Proton Beams

Abstract: In this study the ratio of the two High Temperature Peaks (HTR) in TLD700 glow curves is used to investigate the spatial dependence of the linear energy transfer (LET) in proton beams.


Primary Hyperparathyroidism Presenting as Major Depression; The Surgical Treatment of a Psychiatric Disorder; A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Abstract: Primary hyperparathyroidism is common disorder that is nowadays diagnosed in 0.7% of the general population with increased incidence in postmenopausal women.

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Lymph Node Ratio as Prognostic Factor in Patients with Stage III Rectal Carcinoma

Abstract Introduction: Although the predictive and prognostic importance of total number of infiltrated lymph nodes in rectal cancer is well established, the role of Lymph Node Ratio (LNR) is yet to be defined.

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