Volume 2 Issue 5

Review Article

Targeted Inhibition of Tumour Vascularisation Using Anti-PDGF/VEGF Aptamers

Authors: Kislay Roy, Rupinder K Kanwar and Jagat R Kanwar

Type : Review Article   


Nanostructured Wide-bandgap Semiconductors for Ultraviolet Detection

Authors: Meiyong Liao, Yasuo Koide and Liwen Sang

Type : Editorial   


Mechanisms Behind Plasmonic Enhancement of Photocurrent in Metal Oxides

Authors: Ying-Chih Pu and Jin Z Zhang

Type : Editorial   


Self-Assembled Fullerene Nanostructures at Liquid Interface

Authors: Lok Kumar Shrestha

Type : Editorial   

Published Manuscripts

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Featured Article

NSTOA-13-RA-108 Comparison of the Effects of Varying of Metal Electrode in Metal-Insulator-Metal Diodes with multi-dielectric layers

Abstract Different metal–insulator–metal diodes using the fixedbottom electrode with different top electrodesandmulti–insulator layers were investigated. Chromium was usedfor the bottom metal electrode

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