Nov 16, 2017

Annals of Depression and Anxiety

Treatment of Acute Anxiety Episodes in Patients Using a Fast-Acting Beta Blocker - Scopolamine Combination Drug

Abstract: A new class of anti-anxiety medications has been developed and patented that are dual drug combinations of a beta blocker and an antimuscarinic agent. The PanX® drug combinations were designed as pro re nata (prn) alternatives...

Nov 15, 2017

Austin Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Surgical Access to the Ovine Fetus the Left Flank Approach

Abstract: Introduction: Most researchers using ovine fetal models use an infraumbilical midline incision. This approach is simple, but has a significant incidence of maternal complications, most of which are not reported...

Nov 15, 2017

Journal of Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery

Hepatoprotective Effect of Ferula assafoetida Against Arsenic Induced Toxicity in Swiss Albino Mice

Abstract: Groundwater arsenic contamination incidents are increasing with time. Major incidents are in Gangetic plain of India. It has led to various to health related problems in the population of this area. Primarily, arsenate is actively transported...

Nov 15, 2017

Austin Journal of Nephrology and Hypertension

Infliximab as Alternative Therapy in Renal AA Amyloidosis Secondary to Rheumatoid Arthritis

Abstract: The efficacy of anti-tumor necrosis factor therapy in rheumatoid arthritis is well known, but their benefit in associated secondary amyloidosis still a subject of discussion. We reported here a rare case of renal AA amyloidosis relevant to...

Nov 15, 2017

Annals of Hematology & Oncology

ARC Syndrome and Platelet's Abnormalities about Two Cases

Abstract: Introduction: ARC syndrome (arthrogryposis-renal dysfunctioncholestasis) is a rare lethal multisystemic autosomal recessive disease due to a mutation in the VP33B gene on chromosome 15q26.1...

Nov 14, 2017

Austin Journal of Orthopedics & Rheumatology

Neglected Bilateral Rupture of the Achilles Tendon: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

Abstract: Simultaneous bilateral rupture of the Achilles tendon is uncommon, often associated with systemic diseases and a long history of corticosteroid consumption. The author's report a rare case of a 65-year old man with known...

Nov 14, 2017

Austin Journal of Medical Oncology

Letter to the Editor: Immature Teratoma with Extra-Ovarian Deposits of Mature Teratoma

Abstract: Dear Editor, We have read the article entitled "Immature Teratoma with Extra-Ovarian Deposits of Mature Teratoma - Case Report and Review of the Literature" by Haran G. et al. that appeared...

Nov 14, 2017

Austin Journal of Radiation Oncology and Cancer

Aromatase Inhibitors in Breast Cancer: The Legacy of Angela M. Hartley Brodie (1934-2017)

Abstract: Angela Brodie was an English-born and educated scientist who discovered, developed and introduced to cancer clinics a new class of targeted therapeutics called aromatase inhibitors that drastically...

Nov 14, 2017

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - International

Therapeutic Benefit of Botulinum Toxin a (Incobotulinum Toxin) for the Treatment of Spasticity of the Triceps Surae in Multiple Sclerosis: An Observational Study

Abstract: Objectives: To assess the benefit of the incobotulinum toxin in the treatment of spasticity of the triceps surae in patients suffering from MS with gait and posture disorders...

Nov 14, 2017

Austin Journal of Clinical Neurology

General Anesthesia in the Endovascular Treatment of Acute Stroke: A Prospective, Consecutive, Single-Centre, Interventional Study

Abstract: Introduction: being debated. General anesthesia in the endovascular treatment of acute ischemic stroke is still...

Nov 10, 2017

Annals of Surgery and Perioperative Care

Role of Protective Stoma in Destructive Colon Injuries in Gunshot Victims and Predictors of Post-Operative Morbidity in a Developing Country

Abstract: Introduction: Primary repair is becoming a rapidly emerging method for destructive colon injury. There is paucity of data regarding protecting stoma...

Nov 09, 2017

Austin Journal of Lung Cancer Research

Complete Remission and Extended Survival in a Patient with Recurrent and Metastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - A Case Report

Abstract: Non- small cell cancer of the lung is an aggressive malignancy with a poor prognosis when it presents at an advanced stage. We report the case of a 51 year old Hispanic female who was initially diagnosed with stage 2...