Coronavirus is Extremely Dangerous

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Austin J Nurs Health Care. 2022; 9(2): 1071.

Coronavirus is Extremely Dangerous

Franjic S*

Independent Researcher, Europe

*Corresponding author: Siniša Franjic, Independent Researcher, Europe

Received: August 20, 2022; Accepted: September 20, 2022; Published: September 27, 2022


Coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated: COVID-19, is a viral disease caused by the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. The causative agent is primarily spread by close contact, most often by droplets as a result of coughing, sneezing, or talking. Droplets fall on the floor or surface more often than they travel by air over long distances, however they can remain floating in the air for a period of time. Slightly less often, the causative agent can be introduced by touching contaminated surfaces and then the face. The risk of transmitting the disease is greatest in the first three days after the onset of symptoms, although it is possible before the onset, as well as through patients who have no visible symptoms of the disease.

Keywords: COVID-19; SARS-CoV-2; Infection; Detection; Pandemic; Society


The COVID-19 pandemic turned into now no longer an unpredictable incident that all at once disrupted the functioning of a well-working gadget of civilization [1]. The COVID-19 from 2020, as compared to its predecessor SARS from 2003, is in overall much less lethal, despite the fact that equal in foundation and really comparable in shape, and it offers an inflamed individual a more risk of survival. The mystery lies with inside the 2–4-day latency with inside the manifestation of sickness signs, whilst we infect others while not having sickness signs, and the frequency of asymptomatic or poorly symptomatic publications of the sickness at some point of which the companies infect loads of humans. Another distinguishing characteristic of COVID is the significant growth with inside the quantity of chronically sick sufferers with illnesses on account of the path of COVID contamination with inside the breathing, digestive, and anxious systems. At the outbreak of the pandemic the industrialgeneration civilization, which dates lower back to the second half of the 18th century, had already misplaced its capability and balance due to widespread use of herbal sources, which includes human health. It boasted that it had significantly extended human existence, however it did so on the cost of its quality. Humans, as an intrinsically crucial detail of the dwelling layer of our planet (biocenosis, biotope), has been torn from it, and the determine biotope has been critically mutilated. In order to breathe, the man or women wishes to be supplemented with inexperienced lungs, besides, they may be intently included with the biocenosis in lots of different regions vital for survival and is a switch detail of the uninterrupted fow of count and facts exchange that is the idea of the functioning of the ecosystem.


The COVID-19 can infect humans of every age [2]. According to the epidemiological photo so far, the aged and those with health complications (consisting of asthma, diabetes, and coronary heart sickness) appear like greater prone to the virus. Healthcare groups suggest humans of every age to take steps to guard themselves towards the virus, mostly via way of means of adhering to good enough hand hygiene and using precautionary measures with inside the occasion of coughing and sneezing.

The number one direction of SARS-CoV-2 contamination is through person-to-person transmission via way of means of direct touch or circuitously thru breathing droplets and fomites [3]. Therefore, affected nations took widespread measures in stopping and controlling the contamination, which includes the detection of suspected instances at an early degree, isolation of inflamed folks from others at some point of remedy, and quarantine. Moreover, residents have been advocated to live home, paintings from home, wash fingers regularly, and maintain social distancing. A health screening method is getting used as a number one manner of checking out the presence of SARS-CoV-2 contamination. In this, infrared thermometers are substantially used to display the middle frame temperature, specifically at the doorway of public buildings, which includes schools, hospital, buying malls, airports, etc. Noncontact infrared thermometers received recognition for screening fever on account that they may be portable, clean to use, and cost-powerful. However, their low sensitivity and accuracy can also additionally have an effect on the effectiveness of the degree.

To date, there’s no precise remedy for COVID-19 pneumonia. Early analysis of the SARS-COV-2 contamination can assist in imparting a powerful help remedy to the inflamed individual and decrease similarly transmission of the virus. Recent posted works display that the analysis of COVID-19 is especially primarily based totally on scientific signs similarly to using the real-time RT-PCR, and antibody tests, chest Computed Tomography (CT) imaging, and a few laboratory findings. Although the real-time RT-PCR take a look at is the primary take a look at used for diagnosing SARSCoV- 2 contamination, the overall performance of this take a look at is primarily based totally on severa elements consisting of the laboratory equipment, the capabilities of the technicians in appearing the take a look at and deciphering the outcomes, similarly to the lengthy time period required to generate the outcomes. These elements can result in a put off with inside the detection of the virus on the early degree of contamination. Some research suggested that the mixed use of the real-time RT-PCR take a look at with both chest CT or serological take a look at can also additionally growth the sensitivity in detecting SARS-CoV-2 contamination. In a few hospitals, the analysis turned into handiest primarily based totally on scientific and CT findings because of the lack of RT-PCR kits. However, a few sufferers offered a ordinary CT with inside the first 2 days after the presentation of signs. Therefore, the improvement of latest gear can make a contribution to well timed and correct detection of this infectious sickness.

Respiratory Viruses

Viral breathing tract infections make a contribution significantly to illness, hospitalisation, and demise of young, aged, and immunocompromised people [4]. In maximum instances, vaccines and antiviral tablets supply handiest confined safety. In particular, viruses consisting of influenza A virus are a severe health hazard for which new antiviral vaccines and remedies want to be developed. A feasible addition to the antiviral arsenal is RNA - interference (RNAi) - primarily based totally therapeutics. Ever on account that its discovery, RNAi has been taken into consideration a doubtlessly effective new device to fight viruses. These “exceptional expectations” have been these days underscored via way of means of awarding the 2006 Noble prize for body structure and medicinal drug to Andrew Fire and Graig Mellow for his or her pioneering paintings at the description and mechanism of RNAi. Their locating that double - stranded RNA (dsRNA) prompted sequence - precise gene silencing in Caenorhabditis elegans is now at the idea of the improvement of numerous RNAi therapeutics. The programs variety from compounds for the remedy of virus infections or genetic illnesses to beauty compounds as in Sirna’s hair elimination program. Currently, numerous RNAi - primarily based totally therapeutics are being examined in scientific trials. Both Acuity Pharmaceuticals and Sirna commenced checking out siRNAs in human beings as an opportunity remedy for the moist shape of Age - Associated Macular Degeneration (AMD).

RNAi - mediated inhibition has been suggested for a massive form of viruses. These consist of crucial human pathogens consisting of human immunodeficiency virus kind 1 (HIV-1), Hepatitis C Virus (HCV), dengue virus, poliovirus, Hepatitis D Virus (HDV), Hepatitis B Virus (HBV), herpes simplex virus kind-1, human papillomavirus, JC virus, Epstein – Barr virus, and Cytomegalovirus (CMV). Important breathing viruses for which RNAi - mediated inhibition has been suggested consist of intense acute breathing syndrome coronavirus (SARS - CoV), NL63 coronavirus (NL63 - CoV), influenza A virus, parainfluenza virus (PIV), RSV, and human rhinovirus - 16 (HRV - 16). Although profound inhibition of virus replication has been suggested in vitro and in vivo, it has grow to be clean that numerous issues want to be resolved earlier than RNAi therapeutics will attain the clinic. Important issues consist of virus get away from RNAi, feasible off - goal outcomes of RNAi remedy, and the transport of the RNAi - inducer to the proper goal cell.

Respiratory viruses appear like perfect goals for the improvement of RNAi - therapeutics due to the fact the top airlines and lungs are exceptionally clean to attain goal tissues.

Social Distancing

One of the pleasant and majorly hired answers to COVID-19 is social distancing [5]. Effective treatment and suitable vaccination are nevertheless now no longer to be had for this virus. In the contemporary situation, the essential unfold of COVID-19 is because of person-to-person interaction, wherein one individual is COVID fine and some other is COVID negative. It takes at the least 2 to three days for the right deduction, whether or not the individual is COVID fine or now no longer. In these kinds of situations, social distancing comes out to be the handiest treatment of COVID-19. Social distancing breaks the chain of unfold. Social distancing handiest manner preserving bodily distance amongst unique in the main touched entities and preserving a large hole with some other individual, whether or not he/she is COVID fine or now no longer. In general, keep away from touching typically touched locations and coming in touch with some other individual is pretty tough with inside the contemporary routine. This is the handiest cause why authorities officers of various nations imposed lockdown some of the unique sectors of the nations. Due to this lockdown, bodily distance is maintained amongst the overall public.

World organizations have proposed stringency index to degree the lockdown situation of various nations. The stringency index, in general, represents the measurable rely of closed sectors with different correlating elements. The upward thrust of the index represents the growth in closed sectors of the country. This is calculated in percentage, so the total lockdown situation outcomes in a hundred% with inside the index. When this index is analyzed with the quantity of COVID-19 sufferers in step with day, it indicates that the stringency index is surprisingly proportional to the COVID-19 instances, circuitously.

In the existing situation, preserving social distancing is turning into pretty a tough task for authorities’ officers as lockdown is being lifted in a staged manner. Since existence is attending to the ordinary pace, the overall public unknowingly disrupts the guidelines of social distancing. Moreover, to preserve social distancing, authorities’ governments require masses of officers. These officers grow to be greater at risk of COVID-19. So there have to be a manner out, the usage of which officers can reveal the overall public and alert them to preserve social distancing. This brings the idea of a social distancing analyzer. In the generation of technology, it isn’t a tough venture to construct or recommend a version that detects the gap some of the public on a real-time basis. This brings the position of gadget studying for constructing the analyzer.


Recently, the occurrence of illnesses in human beings is swiftly growing because of quite a few reasons [6]. Based at the unfold, the illnesses are labeled into (i) communicable and (ii) noncommunicable diseases. The noncommunicable disease will have an effect on handiest someone and this disease may be handled the usage of the perfect medication. But, communicable diseases motive a severe hassle to a bigger human institution and additionally growth the morbidity and the mortality price whilst the out of control diseases spreads to a bigger institution.

From the literature, it’s far recognized that the unfold of infectious sickness amongst humans could be very not unusualplace and if the unfold influences a massive human network globally, then it’s far known as a pandemic. Even aleven though a large quantity of infectious illnesses are extensively located globally; the contamination because of novel corona virus (COVID-19) swiftly inflamed a much broader populace globally and due to its contamination in addition to the unfold price, COVID-19 turned into declared a pandemic in early 2020.

The earlier studies on COVID-19 showed that it results in intense pneumonia in human beings and the not noted and untreated sickness will motive casualty. Hence, some of preventive and precautionary approaches are counseled and implemented globally to govern the unfold of the sickness. Further, the subsequent studies works also are carried out: detection of protein shape of the virus, sickness modelling to expect the development of the sickness, pattern-assisted detection manner, image-primarily based totally contamination stage detection, and controlling method for the contamination the usage of prescribed drug.

The typically followed COVID-19 detection methodologies are as follows: (i) pattern series from the suspicious affected person, (ii) RTPCR take a look at for the preliminary stage confirmation, (iii) imageassisted contamination stage evaluation, and (iv) remedy making plans and execution to remedy the affected person. In the abovementioned method, the image-assisted COVID-19 analysis performs a firstrate position in maximum of the hospitals; wherein the radiological procedures, consisting of the Computed-Tomography (CT) and the Chest Radiographs (X-ray) are recorded and evaluated. The radiological photos captured the usage of a designated approach are evaluated via way of means of an skilled radiologist and the medical doctor the usage of a non-public test in addition to the computerassisted imaging approach and primarily based totally at the record and the suggestion, the important remedy manner is deliberate and carried out to remedy the affected person. Literature confirms that the evaluation of COVID-19 contamination the usage of lung CT is extensively preferred.


The outcomes of the pandemic amplify past the extra mortality attributed to COVID-19 infections [7]. Prolonged lock-downs, squeezed public budgets, disruption in deliver chains and not on time health take care of different scientific (and mental) issues and illnesses have all exacerbated a massive quantity of present developmental challenges. Lack of institutional preparedness and price range constraints, insufficient infrastructure and confined get admission to facts and public sources represent a poisonous blend that amplifes each health and financial vulnerability (in addition to give a boost to present styles of inequalities throughout and inside nations). Many of the worldwide poor work with inside the casual economic system and are, hence, specifically liable to regulations in mobility (and feature located themselves with rarely any manner to assist buffer the financial shocks and profits loss). The aggregate of the pandemic and considerable poverty has annoyed meals shortages and heightened financial lack of confidence for prone people and groups.

The contemporary coronavirus pandemic essentially reshapes present debates and methods in global improvement. Governments in low-profits countries regularly find it extraordinarily difficult to deal with the accelerated call for health offerings, make set off selections and positioned them into action, guard prone segments of the populace and provide instant alleviation to affected financial sectors. While absolutely everyone struggle the pandemic at home, it’s far similarly crucial to oppose isolationism and keep away from dropping sight of what occurs in different (greater prone) components of the sector. Vaccine nationalism now no longer handiest imposes an unfair downside on growing countries (which regularly are not able to have enough money preferential agreements with pharmaceutical multinationals) however additionally fails to save you the similarly mutation of the virus and, hence, guard international health. There is a want for an in-intensity essential dialogue on how the contemporary pandemic negatively influences more than one improvement outcomes (e.g. with inside the domain names of poverty/inequality, health, education, migration, casual employment, (de) globalisation, the extractive sector, weather change, and the worldwide financial machine) and, in effect, reverses in advance improvement profits for the worldwide bad.


A pandemic is defined as a pandemic of an infectious sickness (in case of COVID-19, a viral sickness) that has unfold throughout a massive location or worldwide, affecting a massive quantity of humans [8]. Over the beyond a hundred years, viral and bacterial infections have proven the capacity to unfold locally, regionally, or even globally, crossing borders and barriers, inflicting incapacity and demise in an increasing number of globalized world. Pandemics often stress healthcare sources and every so often crush them. After localized sporadic instances, a preliminary outbreak takes place. Following the outbreak, a plague is characterized via way of means of 3 stages: a swiftly escalating surge, a peak, and a gradual or very gradual de-escalation. Not infrequently, pandemics additionally characteristic a second or maybe more than one surges after the primary one. Such surges of a disaster, and in particular preliminary surges, can doubtlessly crush healthcare establishments and sources, specifically in massive densely populated city regions and groups of low socioeconomic status.

Infectious health crises, as compared to earthquakes, hurricanes, and different health crises, have the specific capacity to contaminate and disable now no longer handiest the sufferers however additionally the healthcare people themselves, consequently multiplying the ability of overwhelming healthcare establishments with the lack of staffing. Resultantly, infectious health crises location unique needs for the safety of healthcare people and the upkeep of healthcare establishments’ capacity to keep to function. Best practices in such safety in addition to prevention and affected person remedy require the speedy sharing of expertise and a united method to know-how and growing novel remedies for newly emerged pandemic illnesses. An international health disaster calls for a international reaction. This may be accomplished thru the strengthening of the worldwide health machine specializing in enhancing collaboration and coordination throughout groups (e.g., the WHO, Gavi, CEPI, country wide facilities for sickness control, and pharmaceutical manufacturers).


The COVID-19 international pandemic has unfold round the sector in an alarmingly quick time-frame [9]. Although the COVID-19 pandemic is a swiftly evolving phenomenon, it has already modified the sector in approaches that might have been not possible only some months ago. In those extraordinary and maximum difficult of instances, absolutely everyone in society have a crucial position to play, in particular health-care experts. Many people are running in strange and traumatic instances, and regularly out of doors of our consolation zones. Tragically, a few health-care experts have misplaced their lives from COVID-19. Our whole profession, and certainly the complete of society, owes a massive debt of gratitude to those brave and altruistic colleagues who labored selflessly for his or her sufferers: a massive loss to colleagues, sufferers, friends, family, and cherished ones.

We will remember the COVID-19 pandemic for many years and centuries to return back as a landmark occasion, on a par with the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, or even the exceptional plagues from medieval instances. The contemporary COVID-19 pandemic will sooner or later end. Whether the concluding scenes will emanate from a powerful vaccine, from the status quo of herd immunity, or maybe from variation to a brand new manner of dwelling thru social distancing, is not possible to expect. Perhaps a aggregate of all 3 of those situations will pertain. However, what’s simpler to expect is that following our emergence from this dreadful bankruptcy of global wide history, the sector can have modified in lots of approaches. Economic, political, and psychosocial landscapes might be rewritten. As health-care experts, we are able to want to conform to those changes. It is crucial that we use this specific revel in to our advantage, and for every people to mirror personally on key studying points. These can also additionally consist of new insights into our personal capacities and abilities as human beings, or novel manner of dealing with our sufferers for example. As scientific teams, we are able to have a possibility to appearance lower back on those instances as a exceptional studying revel in too, possibly to undertake new and powerful approaches of running, and to realize the significance of comradery and collegiality among colleagues. As health-care experts, we are able to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger, and in the long run this can be to the betterment of affected person care.

Florence Nightingale said, ‘How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.’ Let us, therefore, continue in a spirit of confidence, and manage this pandemic together, socially distanced, however united and resolute

Social Order

Lockdown, social distancing, checking out and tracing, face covering: the sector has received a brand new vernacular and a converted social order [10]. The pandemic has now no longer handiest ended one million lives, it has profoundly modified significant capabilities of our lifestyles. We discover it difficult to just accept the impossibility of a risk-unfastened world, however the fact of sickness is something however novel in growing nations.

The effect of COVID-19 on public coverage maintains to evolve. It would require many years earlier than a very last evaluation of the efficacy of our reaction may be made. Among the maximum pertinent phenomena, as soon as the preliminary international worry has subsided, is the advent with inside the public area of the politicization of the pandemic. The unrealistic wish of a coverage that may assure a Coronavirus-unfastened society influences the alternatives open to a authorities. The social fatigue because of worry for the destiny is being pushed via way of means of extremist political moves which might be gaining momentum even in democratic nations consisting of Germany and Britain.

The economic system, employment, technology, the media, and the supply of scientific offerings are handiest the maximum conspicuous factors that COVID-19 has shaken. Yet, even as countries can also additionally have shared semantics, divergent techniques have contributed to an implausible upward thrust of nationalism, maximum drastically with inside the pursuit of vaccination towards the virus. Competition among studies institutes in diverse nations has led the World Health Organization to sound an early caution towards vaccine nationalism. It has warned towards the withholding or robbery of facts and different key sources as came about with scientific elements withinside the early stages of the contagion.

Social Phenomenon

The COVID-19 international pandemic might had been even greater disastrously threatening to humans round the sector have been it now no longer for the reality that the facts revolution had already converted the sector right into a so-known as international village [11]. Yes, globalization will increase the opportunity of virus transmission throughout diverse borders, because the COVID-19 pandemic has tragically demonstrated. The unfold of the applicable facts, however, can assist rouse non-public alert and collective alarm from the very starting whilst virus-human infection takes place for the primary time. The unfold of such facts, therefore, is some of the essential elements that permit human societies to successfully save you the big unfold of a lethal virus.

Human beings should stay with viruses, however the herbal lifestyles of viruses does now no longer should result in pandemics which could kill lots or hundreds of thousands of humans. The unfold of a plague that creates a plague is a social phenomenon; whilst a sickness because of a plague to start with takes place, an consciousness of the ability chance of the sickness becoming a pandemic is some of the first factors of containment; the unfastened, speedy unfold of the applicable facts is an indeniable precondition for shaping the social instances wherein public government, social fabrics, and character residents begin to take enormous moves and measures to save you the wild unfold of the virus. In this sense, the unfold of facts is essential for blockading the unfold of a plague.

Information flow, however, is a whole lot greater a social and political mechanism than a merely technological one. It constantly takes location inside a given political framework which can, kind of speaking, both block or facilitate facts unfold similarly to the technological factors of facts flow. China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong passed off to symbolize 3 unique sorts on this regard; this distinction on my own can’t determine a society’s capability to combat epidemics, however it could be essential, specifically on the early degree of an outbreak, to decide a society’s destiny in a public health disaster.


During the coronavirus pandemic, some individuals spread unsubstantiated claims about the harmfulness of the vaccine. These claims incite fear and can endanger public health. Misleading information, scientifically unproven theories, and baseless claims that vaccines alter DNA or poison people who receive it cause distrust of vaccines and lead people not to get vaccinated. Coronavirus is extremely dangerous and affects our way of life. Therefore, the world research and medical community has worked to develop safe and effective vaccines and managed to produce them in record time. Despite the urgently needed solution, vaccine production candidates must undergo a rigorous evaluation to offer the public only effective, safe and high-quality vaccines. Thanks to the huge mobilization of resources and expertise at all stages, the processes of development, evaluation and approval have been accelerated.


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