Volume 8 Issue 5

Review Article

Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Modeling and Epidemiology in a Post-COVID-19 Era

Authors: Allaerts W*


Review Article

Quality of Reporting Data for Covid-19 Cases in Sfax (Tunisia) in 2020-2021

Authors: Makhlouf M*, Ismahen B, Hayet A, Hedia K, Iadh M, Hejer L, Nissaf BA and Jawhar M


Rapid Communication

First Detection of Ampicillin Resistant Gene (blaTEM) Isolated from Vibrio Species in Northern Italy

Authors: Tramuta C*, Decastelli L, Bianchi DM, Boteva C, Pitti M, Masotti C, Serracca L and Battistini R


Review Article

Impacts of Disasters on Public Health within the Context of Pakistan

Authors: Ul Amin N and Shahzad N*


Research Article

Organization of Protective Regime for Elderly Population in the COVID-19 Pandemic Period

Authors: Yakushin MA, Gorenkov RV, Vasilieva TP, Melerzanov AV, Alexandrova OY, Yarotskiy SY, Malakhova AR, Moskalev A* and Bischof EY


Special Article - Health Policy

Fentanyl Test Strip Use and Overdose History among Individuals on Medication for Opioid Use Disorder

Authors: Mistler CB*, Rosen AO, Eger W, Copenhaver MM and Shrestha R


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Association Analyses Between Cough Droplet Concentrations and Human Lung Function

Purpose: Cough droplets are generated in human airways. Human respiratory tract activities and lung function are linked to a number of processes resulting in the introduction of droplets with infectious content into indoor air.

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