Decade of Dhikav Yoga


Ann Yoga Phys Ther. 2016; 1(3): 1014.

Decade of Dhikav Yoga

Dhikav V*

Department of Neurology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital & PGIMER-GGS IP University, India

*Corresponding author: Vikas Dhikav, Department of Neurology, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital & PGIMERGGS IP University, New Delhi, 110001, India

Received: November 17, 2016; Accepted: November 18, 2016; Published: November 21, 2016


Bedroom blues in men and women

Disorders of potency in men and fertility in women are among the most common of all human ailments and affect about 40% of men and women at some stage in their lives [1-3]. As a general rule when the problems related to intimacy affect the relationship or otherwise worry the couple; a treatment needs to be sought. The problem is that most men and women never seek treatment for the same. Hence the misery continues, despite an array of treatment options available.

In women, the effects are less dramatic. However, an effected woman with sexual dysfunction tends to avoid the partner and may have low desire or pain in intimacy [2].

Bedroom blues: Effect outside bedroom

Patients with premature ejaculation suffer from silent shame, embarrassment, low self esteem, low confidence, depression, anxiety, frustration, and in general are dissatisfied with their lives. They are constantly worried about not been able to satisfy their partners. As a result, they may withdraw emotionally from their partners leading to marital conflicts, and even divorce.

Similarly, in erectile dysfunction, the affected man will feel “less like a man” or loss of manhood. Also, there is a sense of insecurity, low self esteem and could become angry and aggressive. One of the major worry is the inability to satisfy the partner leading to guilt.

One common factor that unites both types of bedroom blues for men is their helplessness leading to a situation of emotional withdrawal. In such a situation, the affected person does not wish to seek help and feels that this inability is “his life”.

Dhikav yoga

There have been several claims that yoga has a favorable effect on potency of men. Ancient yogis who used to practice yoga in mountains and caves always preached the same. However, we had no independently verified claim that could testify if this was true. Three pioneer studies that we did started a decade ago and have made impact.

The major magazines, newspapers and websites have extensively reported the findings of these studies. One of the study has been hailed as a “breakthrough” in medicine as well [1-5]. This study compared yoga protocol containing 12 yogasanas with fluoxetine and the results showed that yoga was as good or better [1]. Bedroom Yoga or Kama Yoga classes have been started across the Western World basing their work on our published work. In summary, our work has helped yoga become “new Viagra” or natural male sexual stimulant or a tool to make men last longer.

Benefits of Dhikav yoga

As detailed earlier, it is difficult for a patient with sexual dysfunction to seek medical advice due stigmas and shame. Such yoga protocol which can be done in privacy and has proven benefits can be a boon for patients. The side effects of such a protocol have not been reported. The side effects of conventional medicines could be averted. The best part is that such yoga is cheap and easily available.

Way forward

Dhikav Yoga protocol is being practiced widely by the people who are affected with sexual dysfunction; both men and women [6]. Its popularity is indicated by the fact that in around a decade, there are >3000 links mentioning Dhikav yoga in Google search engine. In the time to come, there can be more such studies at a larger level but these studies have provided the path. More comparative studies with conventional medicines could be the way forward where the comparison can show comparative efficacy of Dhikav yoga could be done. The interest in this form of yoga as a treatment for sexual dysfunction is significant [7].


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Citation:Dhikav V. Decade of Dhikav Yoga. Ann Yoga Phys Ther. 2016; 1(3): 1014.

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