Volume 3 Issue 3


Molecular Control of the Mode of Cell Division: A View from Mammalian Lung Epithelial Stem Cells

Authors: John Ku and El-Hashash AH

Type: Editorial   

Research Article

Laparoscopic Anatomy of the Abdomen in Dorsal Recumbent Male Donkey

Authors: Mohamed NA and Wefky AM

Type: Research Article   

Research Article

Incidence of Metopism in Adult Skulls from Southeast Brazil

Authors: Bernardes FM, Giroldo AM, Roquette AGD and Marques KV

Type: Research Article   

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Role of Cancer Stem Cells in Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Albino Rat

Abstract Cancer stem cells (CSCs) are cancer cells found within tumors that carry the same characters of normal stem cells, especially the capability to give rise to all cell linage found in a particular cancer sample and the potential to proliferate extensively [1].

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