Current Issue (Volume 4 Issue 1)

Case Report

Wallenberg Syndrome Caused by Radiation-Induced Brain Injury: Case Report

Authors: Huan L, Yi L and Ying P

Type: Case Report   

Special Article - Ischemic Stroke

Frequency of Aortic Arch Variants in Patients with Large Vessel Stroke in the Anterior Circulation

Authors: Feiz M, Nikoubashman O*, Müller M, Schiefer J, Brockmann C, Reich A and Wiesmann M

Type: Special Article - Ischemic Stroke   

Research Article

Clinical and Etiological Profile of Ischemic Stroke in Young Adults: A Prospective, Observational, Hospital based Study from Seacoast Population of South India

Authors: Kumar NSS, Padala R, Vallampalli G, Thatikonda A and Prasad PNS

Type: Research Article   

Case Report

Use of Idarucizumab as Dabigatran Antagonist Prior to Burr Hole Surgery for Patients with Chronic Subdural Hematoma

Authors: Awad K, Kermer P and Abdalla Y

Type: Case Report   

Review Article

Sulforaphane Protects against Brain Diseases: Roles of Cytoprotective Enzymes

Authors: Sun Y, Yang T and Zhang F

Type: Review Article   

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Featured Article

Endothelial Function is impaired in Patients with Different Clinical Manifestations of Severe Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: Preliminary Results of SHEF-CSVD Study

Abstract Endothelial functions in patients with different clinical manifestations of cerebral small vessel disease (CSVD) have not yet been thoroughly described.

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