Online First (Volume 4 Issue 2)

Case Report

Progressive Exertional Dyspnea and Fatigue in an Oncology-Patient

Authors: Cristina AA*, Durante López A, Escudier-Villab JM, Ortega Marcos J and Silva-Melchor L

Type: Case Report   

Review Article

Predictors of Early Adverse Events after Isolated Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: Current Status

Authors: Kamal YA*, Al-Elwany SE, Ghoneim AM, El-Minshawy AK, Mubarak YS and Farghaly AM

Type: Review Article   

Research Article

Glucose Tolerance at Hospital Discharge as a Prognostic Marker in Acute Heart Failure Patients

Authors: Stevens AL*, Ignoul C, Eijnde BO and Dendale P

Type: Research Article   

Published Manuscripts


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Some Statistical Conside rations when Evaluating Heart Failure Biomarker Tests

Abstract Biomarker tests related to heart failure are a diverse group. For such a diverse group, evaluating the performance presents challenges. Statistical considerations for evaluating heart failure biomarker tests

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