Current Issue (Volume 2 Issue 1)

Case Report

Orbital Pseudotumor - A Rare Variant of Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis

Authors: Majai G, Tarjan P, Dezso B and Zeher M

Type : Case Report   

Review Article

Intratumoral Immune Landscape: Immunogenicity to Tolerogenicity

Authors: Abir K Panda, Sayantan Bose, Sreeparna Chakraborty, Kirti Kajal and Gaurisankar Sa

Type : Review Article   

Case Report

Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy with Asymmetric Vasogenic Edema

Authors: Franco-Macías Emilio, Murillo-Espejo Elva, Suárez-González Aida, Roldán-Lora Florinda, Morales-Camacho Rosario María and Casado-Chocán José Luis

Type : Case Report   

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Translating Burkitt's Lymphoma Research into Viable Solutions for Developing Countries

Abstract 50 to 70% of all newly diagnosed childhood cancers in Sub-Saharan Africa are due to Endemic Burkitt's lymphoma (eBL). It occurs mainly in malaria holoendemic areas where the climate supports

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