Dec 06, 2018

Austin Cardio & Cardiovascular Case Reports

Replacement of Bioprosthetic Mitral Valve Ionescu-Shilley with a Mechanical Valve after 24 Years

Abstract: Background: Reoperations for bioprosthetic valve malfunction can sometimes be technically very demanding. Bio prostheses are of limited durability, regenerate more rapidly than mechanical valves and reoperation usually takes place 7 to 15 years later...

Dec 05, 2018

Austin Journal of Cancer and Clinical Research

Summary of Primary Culture of Human Lung Cancer Cells

Abstract: Lung cancer is one of malignant tumors in the world with the highest morbidity and mortality [1]. Individualized treatment of lung cancer depends on the establishment of primary lung cancer cell lines...

Dec 05, 2018

Annals of Nursing Research and Practice

Sexually Transmitted Infections in Women: Are we doing Enough?

Abstract: Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are having a negative impact on society. Women are more impacted by the effects of STIs in terms of health complications. The STI's of high concern are those of bacterial etiology...

Dec 05, 2018

Journal of Family Medicine

Assessment of Patients Misunderstanding Regarding Dosage Regimen Instructions at Nekemte Referral Hospita, Ethiopia

Abstract: Patient misunderstanding of dosage regimen instructions is common and a potential root cause for medication error, poor medication adherence and treatment outcome. The aim of this study was therefore to assess the extent of misunderstanding of dosage regimen instructions among...

Dec 05, 2018

Austin Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Repetition of Prolonged Labor and Vacuum Extraction: A Retrospective Observational Study at a Single Private Clinic

Abstract: Aim: There are a few reports on the subsequent labor following a long and difficult labor. Therefore, this study aimed to investigate the frequencies of repeated prolonged labor and vacuum extraction, and the change in the labor duration within the same woman...

Dec 04, 2018

Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology

An Intensive Study of 4 Dairy Farms in China to Determine the Incidence Rate of bTB

Abstract: Bovine Tuberculosis (bTB) is endemic in most parts of China, with epidemics occurring in some parts of the country. However little is currently known about the epidemiology of the disease. This research describes the occurrence of bTB in four dairy farms in China...

Dec 03, 2018

Austin Journal of Gastroenterology

Is PDL1 Assessment a Prime Time Predictor for Esophageal Cancer Management?

Abstract: Programmed Death-Ligand 1 (PD-L1) expression has been emerged as one of the key predictive marker of response to immunotherapy. However, the timing of usage of Checkpoint Inhibitors (CPI) is not in global consensus...

Dec 03, 2018

Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology

H. pylori and Human Gut Microbiota

Abstract: Recent evidence supports that H. pylori is the most relevant, but may not be the only local causative bacteria leading to gastric diseases. In several recent reports, a real, active cross talk between H. pylori and the other components of the gastric microbiota was observed...

Dec 03, 2018

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Comparing the Incidence of Chipping in Tooth-Supported and Implant-Supported Ceramically Veneered Restorations

Abstract: Purpose: Chipping is very common in dentistry, with up to 40% of ceramically veneered restorations being affected. The purpose of the study was to examine possible differences in chipping rates between tooth-supported and implant-supported restorations in the same environments...

Dec 03, 2018

Austin Journal of Dentistry

Dental Considerations and Management of Children with Renal Diseases - An Over View

Abstract: Kidneys are vital organs for maintain a stable internal environment, prevalence of renal disease is increasing universally. Nephritic syndrome is a clinical manifestation of any glomerular lesion that causes more than 35g of proteinuria/day...