Volume 5 Issue 1

Special Article - Celiac Diseases

Celiac Disease in Dentistry

Authors: Nasr IH, Nasr IH, Al Wahshi HA and Nasr IH*

Type: Special Article - Celiac Diseases   

Case Report

Osteoid Osteoma of the Maxilla: Literature Review and Case Report

Authors: Roscher DF*, Belossi ME, Paparella ML and Stolbizer F

Type: Case Report   

Original Article

Are Noninvasive Porcelain Veneers Suitable for Everyone?

Authors: Almeida e Silva J*, Zanardi G and Baratieri LN

Type: Original Article   

Research Article

Association between Body Mass Index (BMI) and Mean Age of Eruption of Permanent Teeth among School Going Children of 7-17 Years of Age in Chennai City

Authors: Anusha R*, Nagarajan S, Afraa Sultan S, Natrajan S, Muniyappan G and Madan kumar PD

Type: Research Article   

Special Article - Preventive Dentistry

Comparison between Self-Rated and Dentist-Rated Dental Care Need among University Students in China

Authors: Zhang S, Li G*, Jiao Y, Shen P, Sun Y, Zhang L and Meng N

Type: Special Article - Preventive Dentistry   

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Fusion of Mandibular Deciduous Molars: A Case Report

Abstract Tooth fusion is defined as the developmental dental anomaly in which two different tooth buds are fused into one during the development stage.

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