A Fatal Perforating Lawn Mower Injury

Case Report

Austin J Forensic Sci Criminol. 2015;2(1): 1014.

A Fatal Perforating Lawn Mower Injury

Butch Huston*

Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office

*Corresponding author: Huston B, Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office, 300 East University Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Received: February 10, 2015; Accepted: March 22, 2015; Published: March 30, 2015


Penetrating and perforating projectiles resulting from lawn mowers can result in significant morbidity and lethal injuries. Most often these injuries are sustained by bystanders and not the operators of the lawn mower. This case report involves the death of a push type lawn mower operator who was struck in the chest by a fragment of wire.

Case Presentation

A 48 year old female was found lying in a prone position unresponsive on the ground outside her residence by her husband. Emergency personnel responded but did not provide any significant resuscitation as livor mortis and rigor mortis were already present. The decedent was fully dressed with one shoe on and the other shoe located approximately 10 feet away. An initial examination of the body revealed a small penetrating injury to the mid chest with a perforation of the overlying bra and shirt (Figure 1, 2). Only a small amount of blood was present on the clothing.