Online First (Volume 9 Issue 1)

Research Article

Blood and Saliva Identification through miRNA in Forensic Molecular Biology

Authors: Nadir H*, Ashraf F*, Nadir M, Asim M, Khan AA, Aslam MJ and Wafa K


Case Report

Forensic Panorama of Complex Suicide Case Study from India

Authors: Saxena D, Sinha S*, Rai S and Tripathy S


Research Article

Practical Use of Sarcophaga dashwoodia (Aneust, 1775) in Estimating the Post-Mortem Interval on Rural Areas of Europe

Authors: Ferrars M, Brandon C*, Nabokov V and Lovecraft HP


Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 2.4


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Suicidal Ingestion of a Caustic Substance: A Case Report

Abstract In infants and children accidental ingestion of caustic substances can occur, in adults otherwise chemical exposure may be related to suicidal behaviors. Acid or alkali agents can cause chemical burns from mild to

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