July 04, 2019

Austin Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology

A Non-Cartesian View of Suicide and Suicide Prevention Intervention

Abstract: In this concept paper it is argued that suicide conceptualization is split into two knowledge systems: the causal system of suicide analysis, and the intentional system of a suicide act, and that these two cannot always be connected...

July 03, 2019

Annals of Nutritional Disorders & Therapy

Calcium Deficiency Poses a Multifaceted Health Threat: Necessity of Calcium Intake and Physical Activity

Abstract: Calcium, an essential nutrient for human body, serves as an important regulator for a wide array of human physiological functions including neurotransmission, cardiac rhythm, muscle contraction, respiration, bone mineral density, vascular tension and blood clotting...

July 03, 2019

Annals of Thyroid Research

The Impact of the Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis and Hyponatremia in Cancer Patients

Abstract: Hyponatremia, which is associated with a number of pathological conditions, is a rather common finding also in cancer patients. The Syndrome of Inappropriate Antidiuresis is the cause of hyponatremia in more than 30% of these patients...

July 03, 2019

Annals of Thyroid Research

Nongenomic Actions of Thyroid Hormones: Cellular Aspects in the Cardiovascular System

Abstract: Triiodothyronin (T3) and Thyroxine (T4), act on almost every cell and organ with intense effects on the cardiovascular system. The heart is a major target organ for thyroid hormones action, and marked changes occur in cardiac function in patients with hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism...

July 02, 2019

Austin Environmental Sciences

Practical Calculation of the Leakance Coefficient to Estimate Seepage in Large-Scale Hydrologic Models: Examples and Graphical Illustrations

Abstract: In most integrated hydrologic models the seepage from the rivers is evaluated from an empirical parameter, the "leakance coefficient", ?, which is estimated by calibration. It is assumed that this parameter remained the same throughout the historic period whether e.g. the flow in the river was high or low...

July 01, 2019

Austin Dental Sciences

Corrosion Products of Multiple Recast Palladium-Silver Dental Alloy Induced the Increase of IL-1\00df and IL-6 in Oral Epithelial Cells

Abstract: Statement of Problem: Reuse of dental alloys is common in dental laboratory but the effect of reused dental alloys on pro-inflammatory cytokines in oral epithelial cells is scarce...

July 01, 2019

Austin Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Selenium and Sildenafil Citrate in Ovarian Torsion: An Experimental Study

Abstract: Aim: To study the effects of co-administration of selenium and sildenafil citrate against damage induced by ovarian torsion in rats...

July 01, 2019

Austin Journal of Nursing & Health Care

Assessment of the Nurses' Knowledge during Caring for Hemodialysis Patients

Abstract: Hemodialysis is a method that is used to achieve the extracorporeal removal of waste products such as creatinine and urea free water from the blood when the kidneys are in a state of renal failure...

July 01, 2019

Annals of Nursing Research and Practice

Demographic Factors Associated with Health in a Senior Refugee Population in Idaho

Abstract: Aims: The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between demographic characteristics and health, and if demographic characteristics predicted health of refugees. A second aim was to determine the association between self-rated health and objective health of refugees...

July 01, 2019

Austin Environmental Sciences

Validating the Safe Dimensionless Conductance Approach to Estimate Seepage for a Sinuous River

Abstract: In some fairly recent articles a new approach to estimate the flow exchange between a river and a connected aquifer was presented. It accounted for many factors such as normalized wetted perimeter, degree of penetration of the river...