The Current Medical Practice: The Case of a Medical Act of Kidnapped

Mini Review

Austin Med Sci. 2016; 1(2): 1010.

The Current Medical Practice: The Case of a Medical Act of Kidnapped

Donovan Casas Patino* and Alejandra Rodriguez Torres

Departament Sociology Health, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México-Centro Universitario Amecameca, Mexico

*Corresponding author: Donovan Casas Patino, Department Sociology Health, Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México-Centro Universitario Amecameca, Mexico

Received: August 03, 2016; Accepted: September 02, 2016; Published: September 07, 2016


Submit reflection, it is part of a time when medical act and the medical practice, which is exercised in a corner of contemporary Mexico, where the approach to medical science invites oblivion patient, dogamticas structures domesticate the medical act coast the neglect of this science, here is a moment of reflection for the few who dare to look oblivion of our profession.

Keywords: Medical practice; Medical act; Medical ethics


Unhappiness occupies my mind, my mind occupies the time, time occupied my life, life occupies fate, fate succumbed my past. Where past used to smile and ruled with pleasure, pleasure that was neglected, in the tragic moment of my absence. The absence that was stolen, stolen for losing with the fate. That fate that collapsed my mind, where unhappiness lighted my way up.

That slow and occupied way, where my mind is occupied, contorting my own truth, a while ago, my mind has abandoned me. In the eternal time it became entangled, in order to remain orbiting. In the weakening of my being, in this infinite space, my mind travelled, moved, transmuted, into a space lacking of end in this way, my mind succumbed, into endless memories of my past, where unhappiness lulled my being.

Reflection and work in medical practice

This reflection of health is located in México, but who can claim that this reality doesn’t perpetuate in another beautiful place of the world? The medical act is the same in a repetitive precept of acting, thus the identical trace of acting is presented incessantly, where the greed of mortifications moves you to a consciousness of the endure of fellows, I mean –patient-, such as emotions, memories and changes originate a provisional confinement, so that, it is proclaimed the arrival of a sparkle life with a confinement in four walls, which are white and full of infinite propaganda, actions and protocols in respect to health! In this emptiness a profession is revealed. Besides that, this place is completely illuminated in a white perennial trickster. In this way, getting to this infamous place, an

Incomprehensible scientific authoritarianism is proclaimed and rigid in its act. At this point, the most important thing is to understand how pain and discomfort are combined between different faces and opposite parts in a body immersed between degradation and suffering, where transmutation of medical act creates a maelstrom of control and submission of the same scientific moment of thinking.

Here, a marginalized act of abandonment prevails without reason. Our own position in a passage of flash has changed over the few years of medical practice. That litmus sensation turned into an opaque color, full of waiting, listening and earthly dismissal. The feeling sometimes makes its presence to get over and over that distrustful relief [I bring to this text distrustful relief like that suffering that can be cured momentarily, but with immediate regression or subsequent to the medical visit] which makes manifest but hidden to the other]. It should be said that people fight against a talent or capacity that a person feels losing or wasting over elapse the time in a medical office. In this way, that talent is being easing between your hands and eyes. That talent which is being forgotten among multiple avatars of a kidnapped medicine by the hegemonic capitalist power bloc [understanding now as a theory of transnational consumption] –according to Marx or Gadamer: “the structure that shapes our social act”. This malevolent Leviathan -structures health services, with guidelines and executors “called by myself Policemen Doctors”- [1-3] This leviathan is outlined and moves between records, prescriptions, halls of clinics or hospitals, bleeding, death, absences and pain, according to the circumstance. This keeps a voracious appetite, so the malicious Leviathan regulates us, standardizes, kidnaps, torments, tortures, submits and steals the best years of the actor -doctor- and patient –suffers-, submitting them to eternal pleasure of consumption of health.

Implicitly and explicitly, to our being, it has gone even shaping our own movements: hands must include kidnapping reflection towards using the keyboard, mouse and printing. Likewise, it is ordered, not by written policy but by infinite act of absences, a minimal gesture that is directed toward the facial muscles, where the ordinance on managerial policy shore health to keep turning towards what indicates concern or discomfort, even disdain to the system that forgets other and dominates the professional, in a final order to transit in a nirvanic state: -imagine sitting in a doctor’s office, where you are the main actor in this play, is dressed in a bright white coat and a suffering patient is delivered to your knowledge waiting for something, which many times will never come, but never loses faith the act itself between the two actors-, mention that to directing the words in the medical discourse, are adjusted. On the one hand, by medical technicalities learned in School, Schools or Hospitals or Scientific or Informal Meetings. On the other hand, institutional policies or managerial medical policies that pontificating through coming national systems from outside the discourse fashion health policy at the time of social development - now called Universality Health, with the slogan: for a country with health for all their citizens, and finally, foolishness learned through the same medical practice forcing forget about the real situation of patients, repeating a stilted speech and dominated by the real situation of health services - no, and that’s not up to me, complain to another person. So, without realizing we fall to empty unheard of these speeches that evoke the act of a medical practice that is running out for the same act of cultural learning of our science fashion. Thus, through the medical discourse are sorted and reported thousands of words intended to convey what is to misinform and shirk in a medical act that forgets its own essence, within a structure in health that kills and maims everywhere (Figure 1) [1-4]. In this place, there are no days that invite the doctor to the reflection of his acting, his passing is volatile with certain skills in conflict management and indifference.