Volume 3 Issue 3

Research Article

Potential Anti-Stress, Anxiolytic and Antidepressant Like Activities of Mono-Hydroxybenzoic Acids and Aspirin in Rodents: A Comparative Study

Authors: Saba Anjum Khan, Shyam Sunder Chatterjee and Vikas Kumar



Cancer Prevention Through Restoration of E-cadherin Expression with Promising Natural Products

Authors: Mudit Mudit and Tracy D Jiang


Research Article

Prevalence and Control of Tuberculosis in the Nilgiris District: A Two Years Retrospective Study

Authors: Sushanta Kr. Das, Saurabh Gupta, Kranthi Guthikonda, Anand Vijayakumar PR, Kranthi Sirisha G, Srikala Patha and Sarah Thampy


Review Article

Potential Benefits of Methylcobalamin: A Review

Authors: Gupta JK and Qureshi Shaiba Sana


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Pharmaceutical Strategies for the Topical Dermal Delivery of Peptides/Proteins for Cosmetic and Therapeutic Applications

Abstract Bioactive peptides and proteins have attracted great attention in the cosmetic industry for the development of new cosmetic products to reverse the signs of ageing (anti-ageing treatment).

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