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EEG and Neurocognitive Changes in Chronic Methamphetamine Abuse

Abstract: Methamphetamine is a potent and highly addictive psychostimulant that has become very popular on the illicit drug market. There is a large amount of literature


Empathic Communication in Medical Students' Interactions with Mental Health Virtual Patient Scenarios: A Descriptive Study Using the Empathic Communication Coding System

Abstract: Empathy is the ability to identify another person's feelings and to view the world from their perspective. Self-assessed empathy declines throughout medical school and residency training.


Cognitive Reserve in Major Depression-Associations with Cognitive Status, Age, Education, Personality, and Depression Severity

Abstract: Cognitive reserve (CR) is understood as a latent potential underlying the flexible adaptation to mental challenges. By optimizing cognitive performance, it can be used to cope with high task demands.


Evaluation of Antiepileptic for Behavioral Symptoms in Severe Intellectual Disabilities

Abstract: Antiepileptic, known to manage mood disorders, has been prescribed for behavioral symptoms in severe intellectual disabilities, but often results in multiple prescriptions.

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Psychometric Properties of the Anxiety Attitude and Belief Scale in an Asian Community Group

Abstract This study examined the psychometric properties of the Anxiety Attitude and Belief Scale (AABS), a measure of attitudes and beliefs intended to index a psychological vulnerability to anxiety problems, in an Asian context.

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