(Volume 10 Issue 3)

Research Article

Prevalence and Risk Factors Associated with Road Traffic Crash among Bus Drivers in the Southern Region of Cameroon: A Cross Sectional Study

Authors: Orogho Malvis Arrey; Adamu Ndongho Ndifontiayong; Nde Fon Peter; Albert Same Ekobe*


Research Article

Human Anti-Rabies Treatment in the Mucuri Valley, Brazil, 2017 – 2019

Authors: Dilceu Silveira Tolentino Junior*; Kellyn Kessiene Cavalcante; Ananda Caldeira Tolentino Amaral; Heberson Teixeira da Silva; Manuella Botelho Laure Nogueira; Gustavo Teixeira Martins; Eliseu Miranda de Assis; Roberto Carlos de Oliveira; Carlos Henrique Alencar


Research Article

An Epidemiological Study of Aeromonas spp. Infections in Norway

Authors: Rohringer A; Syre H; Hyllestad S; Amato E*


Research Article

Impact of a Telenutrition Intervention on Body Composition and Eating Behaviour Changes in Individuals Living with Excess Weight

Authors: Silvia Maria Fraga Piovacari*; Gabriela Tavares Braga Bisogni; Natália Sanchez Oliveira Jensen; Ana Maria Lottenberg


Review Article

A Study to Isolate and Identify the Bacterial Colonies Prevalent on the Surfaces of Common Gadgets of College Going Students

Authors: Vishal J Sharma*; Pallavi Dhabale; Mohini Bisen; Pallavi Wat; Pragati Raut


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Association Analyses Between Cough Droplet Concentrations and Human Lung Function

Purpose: Cough droplets are generated in human airways. Human respiratory tract activities and lung function are linked to a number of processes resulting in the introduction of droplets with infectious content into indoor air.

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