Sept 18, 2018

Austin Head & Neck Oncology

A Rare Case of En Plaque Meningioma Causing an Effusive Chronic Otitis Media

Abstract: In daily practice, every otolaryngologist sees dozens of cases of chronic secretive otitis media. Suspicion must arise when the otitis occurs unilaterally. A rhinopharyngeal pathology will therefore be excluded. An en plaque meningioma can cause an unilateral serous otitis...

Sept 18, 2018

Journal of Bacteriology and Mycology

Profile of Microbial Resistance in a Clinical Laboratory of the Municipality of Itajai

Abstract: For some time, the presence of microorganisms with mechanisms of resistance were hospital exclusivity. Over the years, it has come into our daily lives, thanks to infections originating from collection points, health units and...

Sept 18, 2018

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - International

Prevalance of Frozen Shoulder in Diabetic Patients (40-60 Year)

Abstract: Background: A study done in Pakistan shows that frequency of shoulder adhesive capsulitis was 24.9% among diabetic subjects. Adhesive capsulitis are under recognized in adult diabetic patients occurring in 18% of the cases...

Sept 17, 2018

Austin Journal of Clinical Pathology

Expression of Inflammatory Markers CD68 and SMA in Endarterectomy Specimens

Abstract: Background: Majority of deaths throughout the world are due to cardiovascular causes. Atherosclerosis is the most common pathology involved in the cause of death. It has been widely accepted that inflammation is a key mechanism in atherosclerosis...

Sept 17, 2018

Austin Journal of Analytical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Method Validation and Stability Evaluation for the Simultaneous Estimation of Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin in Tablet Dosage Forms by RP-HPLC

Abstract: Objectives: The study aims to develop and validate a simple, accurate, precise, economical method for the simultaneous estimation of the Clopidogrel and Atorvastatin in tablet dosage form by RP-HPLC method...

Sept 17, 2018

Austin Journal of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry

Estimating the Distance of Genetic Domestic Goats in Iran Inferred from D-Loop Region of Mitochondrial DNA Analysis and Origins of Candidate Native Goat Ancestor

Abstract: The wild goat "bezoar" (Capra aegagrus) has been considered to be the strongest candidate for the ancestor of the domestic goats (C. hircus). This article describes the complete sequences of the mitochondrial DNA displacement...

Sept 17, 2018

Annals of Depression and Anxiety

Suicide Prevention by Agency, Not an Easy Task

Abstract: Suicide and attempts to end your life are not rare occurrences. Depression and anxiety are often a precursor of suicidal intentions. Public concern initiated the establishment of a special centre for suicide prevention in 1996 in Norway...

Sept 17, 2018

Austin Chemical Engineering

Fungus Gnats and Shore Flies

Abstract: Fungus gnat larvae (Bradysia spp.) are white and legless, about 1/4 inch long when mature, and have a shiny black head. The adult is mosquito-like in body shape, about 1/8 inch long, with long legs, a clear pair of wings, and long antennae...

Sept 17, 2018

Austin Neurosurgery: Open Access

Intracranial Acute Subdural Hematoma Induced by Increased Intraperitoneal Pressure: Two Case Reports

Abstract: An obese (BMI 40.6 kg/m2) 31-year-old Japanese woman who experienced a sudden headache and nausea when squatting to feed her pet was transported by ambulance. The CT scan of her head revealed a right Acute Subdural Hematoma (ASDH)...

Sept 14, 2018

Annals of Thyroid Research

Genetic Perspective of the Congenital Hypothyroidism, ATXN10 a Candidate Gene

Abstract: Congenital hypothyroidism is a public health problem in many Latin American countries. Its consequences such as mental and psychomotor retardation are important but if diagnosed early can be preventable...