Volume 2 Issue 5

Review Article

Fibonacci Series, Golden Proportions, and the Human Biology

Authors: Dharam Persaud-Sharma and James P O’Leary

Type: Review Article   

Case Report

Terminal Ileum Perforation Revealing an Enteropathy Associated T-Cell Lymphoma

Authors: Haithem Zaafouri, Anis Hasnaoui, Mourad Ben Bader, Noomen Haoues and Ahmed Bouhafa

Type: Case Report   

Case Series

Retraction Scar Treatment with Fat Injection

Authors: Guerrissi JO, Siniger TB* and Di Lisio MG

Type: Case Series   

Special Article - Plastic Surgery

Medical Mentorship: Legacy Leadership Links in the Surgery Chain of Being

Authors: Charles Brown

Type: Special Article - Plastic Surgery   

Research Article

The Shift to Laparoscopic Colon Resection: A Single Center Experience

Authors: Abdul-Mujib Cadili, Sunita Ghosh and Ali Cadili

Type: Research Article   

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Needs-based Assessment of Trauma Systems: A Survey of the Membership of the Western Trauma Association

Abstract Background: Widespread proliferation of Trauma Centers (TC) in many regions of the United States currently threatens several state trauma systems. Following a 2015 consensus conference, the American College of Surgeons

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