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Current Issue
Research ArticlePublished: Apr 28, 2017
Gurung KB*, Pandey S, Shrestha MK, Gurung R and Ruit S
Research ArticlePublished: Jul 26, 2017
Amu EO*, Olatona FA and Ndugba SC
Research ArticlePublished: Aug 28, 2017
Landoll AL, Meyer KM, Isava A*, Rowe-King PA and Hardigan Y
Research ArticlePublished: Sep 14, 2017
Abdulraheem IS*, Amodu MO, Salami SK, Adegboye A, Fatiregun A and Tobin-West C
Volume 2 Issue 2
EditorialPublished: Feb 09, 2017
Ameel F Al-Shawi
Research ArticlePublished: Feb 13, 2017
Muchimba M, Burton M, Haberstick BC, Corley RP, Hopfer C and McQueen M
EditorialPublished: Mar 10, 2017
Jimba-Bidmus K
Research ArticlePublished: Apr 10, 2017
Kouta C*, Rousou E, Freysteinsdottir FJ, Boira S and Naudi M
Research ArticlePublished: Apr 17, 2017
Hidalgo Berutich A*, Pedregal Gonzalez M, Barbosa Cortes M, Perez Razquin E and Carrillo Rufete M
Volume 1 Issue 1
EditorialPublished: Mar 09, 2016
Alam AY and Alabdulaali KM
EditorialPublished: Mar 09, 2016
Al Shawi AF
Review ArticlePublished: Nov 03, 2016
Saba Khan and Malik Itrat
Research ArticlePublished: Nov 03, 2016
Pal P, Banerjee S, Mallick A, Maity P, Dutta S and Sengupta B

Scope of the Journal

  • Epidemiological statistics
  • Infectious and epidemic
  • Food hygiene and certification system
  • Health behavioral
  • Global health
  • Child mortality
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