Volume 2 Issue 2

Technical Note

Technical Advances in Craniosynostosis Surgery

Authors: Pinto FCG and Oliveira MF

Type: Technical Note   

Review Article

Immune Cell Infiltrates in the Central Nervous System Tumors

Authors: Andrew S. Jack and Jian-Qiang Lu

Type: Review Article   

Mini Review

Does Renal Sympathetic Denervation Decrease Sympathetic Nerve Activity?

Authors: Alexander Cole, Scott Nankervis, Hannah Chew, Mark Myers, Fadi Charchar and Yutang Wang

Type: Mini Review   

Case Presentation

Severe Coronal Deformity Correction with a Modification of the Transpsoas Technique: Technical Note

Authors: Namath S. Hussain and Rod J. Oskouian

Type: Case Presentation   

Research Article

Supine Position for the Prevention of Brain Shift in DBS Surgery: Technical Note and Novel Hypothesis “Water in the Inverted Cup” Mechanism

Authors: Miyagi Y, Samura K, Kishimoto J and Xian Chen X

Type: Research Article   

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Management of Diffuse Lesions in Traumatic Brain Injury in Brazil

Abstract Diffuse traumatic brain injuries are due to tangential forces that cause encephalic rotation inside the skull. This leads to distension⁄rupture of axons or even vascular structures in different encephalic regions

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