Volume 8 Issue 1

Case Report

Late Sequelae after Neuroblastoma-Associated Paraneoplastic Anti-Hu Syndrome in a 4-Year-Old Boy

Authors: Till A, Spiegler J, Callsen F, Ketzer J, Langer T, Tafazzoli K, Wunsch L, Winkler B, Hero B, Rostasy K, Wandinger K and Lauten M*


Research Article

MYBL1 Knockdown in a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Line: Evidence of Down-Regulation of MYBL2, TCF19 and KIF18b Expression

Authors: Player A*, Abraham N, Abdulrahman N, Nsende E, Cunningham S and Rogers S


Published Manuscripts

Impact Factor: 2.8


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Featured Article

The Utility of a Robotic Stereotactic Radiation Treatment System to Treat Primary and Metastatic Liver Tumors

Abstract Liver tumors pose a particular challenge to radiation oncologists. The critical organs, kidney, healthy liver, duodenum, small bowel, and spinal cord are relatively radiation sensitive [1].

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